Permutation Beach

Featuring : Pacific Coliseum

Future generations, when they are in their youth, will create a thousand snapshots of their brains and run them in simulated environments in the cloud. These copies (or ems) will make different decisions and live different experiences. Some will be diligent and others will be decadent, some will travel and some will stay, some will be cerebral and other athletic, others both. After the equivalent of three to five subjective years, the source human will inject the record of activities of each of these copies in the memories of another sample of copies simulated over 40-50 years and ask them to vote their most longed-for past. This will become her target future.

The persona whose existence is best soundtracked by Pacific Coliseum will be an epicurean surfer without a iota of pretence, forever chasing that perfect wave in the shores of a whispering ocean whose invisible currents blend seamlessly with the dozy circonvolutions of her brain.

You can be pretty sure this existence will make it to the finals.

Pacific Coliseum – Ocean City

Get Ocean City LP from Coastal Haze.

Lullaby for the Synthetic Class

Featuring : Ricard Dias Gomes

Ricard Dias Gomes’ Fogo Chama is a calm song.  Not in the way 20JFG might introduce a calm song and when you click the triangle it’s actually waves of noise, and the calmness that you feel is in your own obliteration.  No this is the real deal.  Almost a lullaby.  

It’s repeated central refrain, as hushed and urgent as it is, is reassuringly calming. But as the world enters its endless summer, as temperatures and tempers soar, calm feels like a transgressive act.

Which is perhaps not even the most interesting thing about Fogo Chama.  That comes courtesy of the part that isn’t calm.  Isolated among a sea of delicately chosen sound, noise.  A moment of Branca-esque discordant guitar amongst the stilly syntetic sea.  Like an island of reality on the endless sea of Solaris.  The imperfect earthly world, willed into being.

Ricard Dias Gomes – Fogo Chama

Fomo Chama is taken from the album Aa on Kill Shaman / SDZ and you can get it right here or here.

Desert Ritual Jams

Featuring :

20JFG is back with the desert ritual jams.

Whilst the world continues to be on fire we’re sporadically adding to this website in the hope that when the aliens from AI end up carving the server out of ice, they can reconstruct the world of 20JFG as we want it.  Posts everyday; endless bangers; the return of leak-culture; a 14,000 word essay on Blog House that it co-published by the LRB.  That sort of thing.

And while the world continues to burn we escape in the dead of night to sit among the dunes.  The chill desert wind, our only solace from the fires that rage during the day.  All around the nodding, throbbing, rhythmic pattern of bodies; pulsing to their internal rituals, prostrate underneath the stars.  A form of collective cosmic awe.  Perhaps a recognition of the universe’s own indifference to our brief collective existence.  Perhaps we’ve all been mainlining IE’s Pome.

IE – Amulet

Amulet comes on with that psychedelic drone right from the off.  The hypnotic bass tones immediately transporting you to your favourite Californian desert spot where the world folds in on itself and strange shapes appear in the sky.  Shapes that manifest themselves in the dance of hands across organ keys.  Light and rapid.  They dance around the bass, tracing the shape of its pillars.

Amulet is taken from IE’s album Pome (out on Moon Glyph).  Which you can get from Bandcamp right here.


Featuring : Steve Legget

You enter an old forest unblemished by humanity and civilisation. What ghosts will you find in this place where no-one ever lived?

Only those you bring with you, complicated camper.

They might arrive from the past, fading holograms of your childhood exploring with fright and delight this chaotic fantasy world of green and putrefaction. They might arrive from the future, fantasies of a biophilic utopia or a return to foraging after our technological support systems collapse.

It is a testament to the vastness of Steven Legget’sCarl Craig soundtracks Princess Mononoke’ organic techno that it can cater to all those visions under the green majestic dome of a single song, November.

Steven Legget – November

Get Bathhouse from Firecracker Records

Jump in the Pool

Featuring : Kate NV

It was the heat.  The heat and the football.  The heat the football and the holidays.  And well, our apologies for the lack of 20JFG.  But we’re back with a track we fell in love with before the mitigating circumstances above.  But which feels especially appropriate to post in the midst of them.

Kate NV’s Moscow is one not yet invaded by fan parks and football pundits.  It is a playful place, closer to our imagined Tokyo than something more austere, more Western.  A place of primitive geometric shapes arranged in an endless field, all rendered in friendly pastel hues.  It’s a place of innocence, yet where you can still sense its creator’s immense effort to maintain that childlike simplicity.

вас YOU is the only track on Kate NV’s album with lyrics; lyrics taken from a Wassily Kandinsky poem (thanks to RVNG’s typically exhaustive press release for that).  Not speaking Russian, the effect is similar to Mariah’s use of Armenian.  A sort of comforting alienation.  Of information earnestly delivered, yet floating past our frame of understanding.  And like Mariah the post-YMO, avant garde that flourished in Japan this is ethereal, abstract yet undeniable warm music.

Kate NV – вас YOU

вас YOU is taken from Kate NV’s album для FOR which you can get from RVNG right here.

And a 20JGvids bonus below with a film for the album.


Escape to the Country

We seem to be drawn, these days, to soundtracks to profane rituals.  After Father Murhpy’s Requiem a few weeks back, today we enter the fog clad clearing with Aaron Moore and Erick K. Skodvin.

Put together over six years, Moore and Skodvin’s music is deeply, deeply atmospheric.  The sort of evocative sound that rips you from the horrors of this reality and, particularly in the case of today’s track Furland, place you in an equally horrific alternative.

Furland kicks things off with that tom-tom drum rolling around hour head sounds that avant-garde experimental cinema loved so much.  Or at least the memory we have of avant-garde cinema.  Disorientating, mysterious; a prelude to something fascinating yet not yet comprehendible.

Then the chanting starts, the chanting and the off key strings.  And we know, in some horrific way, that we’re home.  Bathed in the unease of it all.  As if complicit with the nightmare, surrendering to it as it envelopes you.  Over and over, the scratchy tape delayed noise swirling around your head until, a light.

towards the end of Furland we’re treated to some quite beautiful vocal harmonies and an almost Arthur Russel-esque moment of violin repetition.  Minor key waves of string instruments notwithstanding, it’s a rather upbeat way to end the track.  Which, in its own way is disturbing itself.

Aaron Moore & Erik K. Skodvin – Furland

This is taken from Aaron Moore & Erik K Skodvin’s LP, Instead of rain i bring a hat.  It’s available from Hands in the Dark, right here.


Father’s Day

Featuring : Father Murphy

Father Murphy return to the blog this week, for potentially the last time.  

It took us a while.  Their final record, Rising, was released at the end of April.  But it’s a dense, sombre record that took much turning to the light to find our way in.

Our entry was Gradual.  The third track on the album.  A parade of the dead.  A place for mud and souls.  A visceral lament for the dead Father

Theirs is a sound that seems utterly, irredeemably, human.  A merging of the voice and the organ and the skin of the drum.  Drums that seem to haunt forests.  Drums that summon the dead.  Drums that speak of hidden ritual, of finality.  Theirs is a final stand against our cybernetic future.  An appeal to a deeper power to save us from the machines.

Father Murphy – Gradual

Ritual came out on Avant! Records on April 20th.  You can get it right here.