29th August 2014

The Etemology of Geocities and Other Stories




crow  |krəʊ|

A night-time/nightmare aesthetic of Kawaii and dub.  At times a breathless duet between two rampaging ids.  As if the internet were made flesh.

18+’s Crow is a nightmare.  Not like those almost comforting sketches of horror; linear and formulaic with a beginning a bloody middle and a cathartic end.  A nightmare in the maddening repetition of that crow sample.  Like Game of Thrones web art .  An avian layering: one atop another, compressing into a insane chant.

18+ – Crow

18+ play in London on November 7th at Birthdays.  Their debut EP (which Crows is taken from) sold out pretty quick but you can still get digital things here.

On the subject of shows, (at least) two of 20JFG make an incredibly rare return to DJing at the non-stop exotic dance party Mirage this Friday (29th).  Come down and say hi if you’re in Brighton.



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27th August 2014

Flutter and Rasp


Bristophe & Tim Hecker


(photography by keithj5000)

This is classical music the way we like it. As the baleful mating calls of fathoms-deep brass whales. As the flutter and rasp of moth wings beating against the moon.

Bristophe – Anrufung

“On these recordings, we play the cello, the double bass, the trombone, the e-flat tuba, the church organ, the piano, the harpsichord, the clavichord, and the alphorn; we also use our voices, electronics, numerous birdcalls, some random toys and percussion, and a few other instruments.”

Bristophe are the musical partnership of Brice Catherin and Christophe Schweizer. Anrufung is a sliver from their remarkable most recent improvised live collection. It doesn’t make much sense in isolation, but then neither do we.

You need to let the full two discs’ worth of material seep into you – this strange conversation between two men mediated by reeds, bells, strings, and hammers – and live with it until it turns into words, pictures and a language your brain understands too.

Download Bristophe’s improvised live album die ersten zwei kirchen for free from from Pan Y Rosas

Bonus track from 2013!

Tim Hecker – Prism


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26th August 2014

That feeling of anticipation before your first cosmic date


Le Révélateur


Le Révélateur’s recently released synth odyssey is called ‘Extreme Events’.

But extreme for whom?

For us, perishable sacks of fluid bouncing irregularly in trajectories full of confusion, waste and loss? Yes, the events contained within this album, in tracks such as ‘Stream Terminal’,  ‘Machine Ecology’ or ‘Loading Vistas’ would undoubtedly be extreme.

Less so for neural networks evolved over aeons of subjective time, stretched across a Solar System-wide web, singularly conscious yet multiplying, shards of themselves implemented in impossibly sleek and highly specced hardware: ships, satellites, feats of astro-engineering, anthropomorphic, insectoid and gaseous probes navigating the empty geographies of Mars, Venus, Jupiter and its many moons, skating down the rings of Saturn in missions in the intersection between science and poetry.

And extreme in what way?

In the way in which technological systems evolved to achieve the deterministic inevitability of nature would feel extreme.

So, think of the artistic or architectural equivalent of ‘extreme weather events’. Cyclopean eyes blinking from massive impact craters, palaces of crystal rising from forlorn mesas, armies of anime-like arthropods covering tomorrow’s terminal beaches glyphs and emoji for ultra-complex feelings, vast instruments recording the post-human civilizational equivalent of a romantic mixtape after their first cosmic date.

Le Revelateur – Followers

You can acquire Extreme Events from Root Strata, and mong out to their videos here.


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