Throbbing Gristle - Hot on the heels of love

Throbbing Gristle- Hot on the Heels of Love

September 1979 produced something odd and less difficult to digest than previous gristly. Perhaps more Chris and Cosey than Genesis. A hypnotic electronic Love to Love you, was this the inspiration for Lil Louis – French Kiss?

It sounds similar to being tied up, blindfolded and slowly whipped into a never ending dream state of sexual ecstasy (if you like that sort of thing). Very hot. Very heels(12″ I reckon). Slow enough for Tory mps to dance to in leather shorts bought from Sex in the King’s road. Filthy and perverted in the grand tradition of Je t’aime.

Frustrated housewife Beverly in Abigail’s Party could have easily said “Ohhhhh I love a bit of Throbbing Gristle, don’t you Ange?”…..well maybe not.

Why has the whip sound not been added as a percussive noise on drum machines since? Anyone with an early yamaha/casio with such a sound on be sure and let me know (finders fee – a shiny new penny).

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Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom – Rise (DFA Remix)

Another track with whips lashing.

Rise is a Moroderian chase where layers and layers of synths spill over a metronomic rhythm full of subtle variations (ah, this is a DFA remix), the result a monster of primitivist electronica which takes the listener on a trip down Kraftwerk’s Autobahn, the melodies drawing a misteryous landscape, vague but full of wonder and anticipation.

This the sound of robots, not having sex but travelling to a rendezvous point where they will, we know which song they’ll play then.

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