Kick out the neu! (motherfuckers)

Featuring : munk + neu!

Munk -Kick out the Chairs

What no JAMS? , well MC5 are shit now anyway, i’d rather go to Ikea than see em with Dave Vanian, Ian (i’m jim morisson don’t you know) Astbury and whatever other losers thay got singing with em. (DISCLAIMER – i actually thought the bloke from The Hellicoptors did a good job though…) Right now it’s time to …kick out the chairs motherfuckers!!!

Munk are funking great.

To start with they put out the Teutonik Disasters and Anti NY albums on their gomma lable, and like how cool is that?? If you don’t own these, shame on you – go bet steal or borrow em. They must be total nerds to have researched and licenced all the tracks for these albums, god knows how they get time to make music…

Kick out the chairs has Nancy Whang and James Murphy from Lcd Soundsystem singing on it, which means it is dead trendy. My girlfriend said she thougth the bass line was the pixies but i thought it was more dead kennedys – either way it’s a big fast fat dirty repetative monster. You can sing along with the chorus, so it’s pop song too.

Were they having a party in the studio when they recorded this? Whole lotta whoopin going on in the background – a bit like the trick where you put a crowd cheering noise in.

It’s excellent for punk rock aerobics for any of you trying to loose weight. Made me dance like a spazz anyway…

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Neu! – Hallogallo

Yeah, the Neu! guys left Kraftwerk because they thought the sound of that band was boring. Yeah Yeah Yeah. One of them looked like a psycho baader meinhof terrorist (Rother), the other could have been Richard D. James’s dad (Dinger).

Hallogallo is the perfect demonstration of what Neu! stood for: disciplined psychedelic improvisation, evocative and dreamy, simultaneously progressive and minimalist, the metronomic rhythm (loop) a blueprint for 25 years of “dance music” and art-rock, its sparse sound a school-lesson for punk and post-punk producers (yeah, that’s you Marty Hannet, put that cocaine away and listen to the german daddys!!). In this track, the nice brother of Sister Ray, Neu! replace the asphixyating embrace of state-side head music (not a bad thing by the way) with a much more subtle and understated caress: Hallogallo is a rorschach test, a canvas where a million beautiful landscapes can be drawn, a true abstract trip through unexplored territories both inside and outside the listener’s mind. This sounds hippie, it is meant to. after all, that’s what Neu! were, fucking hippies (in all the good ways).

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