When I Say I’m in Love you Best Believe I’m in Love L-U-V

The Nation of Ulysses – Today I Met The Girl I’m Going to Marry

When I Say I’m in Love you Best Believe I Mean I’m in Love L-U-V

The Shangri La’s and The New York Dolls said it earlier, but they didn´t say it louder than the original yeah yeah punk rockers from Washington D.C. The revolution will wear a black shirt and a white tie, get jiggy with it like Sting in Quadrophenia (sorry, but that’s Ian’s own comparison), and hide a gun in its perfectly creased sta-prests.

Guy Debord via Fugazi and James Brown via Minor Threat in a reinterpretation of musical politics and black funk (isn’t that the same thing?) that puts to shame the efforts of a thousand angry contorting raging machines chilli peppers.

The topic here is that of sensual rebellion, remember that “fucking in the streets” point of the White Panther Manifesto, but with a romantic twist: for Ian Svenonius love is a shelter, a Vietcong tunnel where revolutionaries hide from the napalm barrages dropped by the Capitalist system and the Military-Industrial Complex, a safe place where the next move is planned and true freedom enjoyed, a province of the Nation of Ulysses, that imaginary country of which we are proud inhabitants.


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Glass Candy – Life after Sundown

I’m a sucker for Glam Rock, so when I first heard Glass Candy I got an erection for about a week.

Ida No has this crazy Germanic Bowie/Siouxsie thing going on, that makes her sound like she is on placement from a loon unit, while Johnny Jewel plays guitar in the exact same way you would imagine someone with a name like that too – like he was raised on Rodney on the rock and worshiped The Runaways.

Then they go all disco on me!! Life after Sundown should be on the ZE Records back catalogue. They got that entire new york post disco punk thing going on, only they done it like a ballad – really killer cool – like Grace Jones is liking the back of my neck and it’s making me get goose pimples….

It’s not crap disco punk like Radio 4, this is as authentic as your gonna get, even a crazy James Chance sax (via Roxy Music). Maybe they have been checking out Lizzy Mercier Descloux et all – who knows.

Ida still sounds like she needs mental help, but then so did Nico.

Glass Candy did a cover version of Josie Cotton – Johnny are you Queer?, which they start with –

When I Say I’m in Love you Best Believe I’m in Love L-U-V.

See what we did here? it’s like the Kevin Bacon game.

Glass Candy are on the awsome Troubleman Unlimited lable (hosts some more mp3s by Glass Candy – so go get em!) which has a wonderfull roster, well worth exploring. Buy stuff – these are the good guys.


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