13th October 2004

We love fun!


Kreidler – Coldness (Sunroof Mix)

In which German men sing with the delicate beauty and refinement, which makes women (not girls) think they are sexy in that sophisticated European way. Helmut Newton has taken there photo and it is forever preserved in the loft.

I got really confused when I first saw this video. Kriedler?? becoming a pop band??

Anyway they never got in the charts or anything, but with some better marketing who knows? 1998 also brought us Air, and it’s not that far off Sexy Boy.

I have a tile Kriedler made in the bathroom. I think they were selling them as tour merchandise. Making your own tiles, now that sounds like my idea of fun (The Fat Controller made me do it i swear!!).

Ninja High School- It’s Gonna Be Us!

Reasons for posting this song here-

-Pure hip hop: a beat and a guy rapping on top.

-And you thought the The Bumblebeez were lo-fi? Bah, These guys program their beat boxes like the Sonics played their guitars!

-The MC sounds like a Canadian version of Mark E. Smith and raps with the nerdy earnestness of one Stephen Malkmus.

-It’s got an insanely catchy Ramones-simple-yet-complex chorus. As Zoilus put it ‘my favourite non-exclusionary tautalogically-triumphalist political slogan of the 2000′s thus far’.

-It comes from the Blocks!!! Toronto!!! Compilation!!!, a sonic artefact that documents the scene of that city and includes tracks by other great acts such as Les Georges Leningrad, the Barcelona Pavillion, Guitarkestra, Vollrath and Blankets, those guys who did the weird electro cover version of Outkast’s Hey Ya.

-It’s got numbers theory and social analysis in it. Actually it’s, like, a protest song (but fun). Ninjas for presidents!

-It name-checks Short-Circuit, an 80s classic which addressed the future of AI (unforgettable Number 5, the nice pacicist bullet-proof missile armed robot). It also starred Steve Gutenberg.

-Ninja High School is actually a manga. If this band ever go big, I’m sure they’ll have to change their name, just like Uresei Yatsura (the amazing Scottish indie rockers)… Let’s make them big and see what happens!

-I love Ninjas.

-It pre-empts criticism by telling critics to fuck off.

-’…We gonna kill you dead like murder Ed, melt your head, sell your teeth, use your ID, do your interviews, sell your SUV, pass your fame on, take the blame for rock losing it’s heart, indie falling apart, all this poor excuse for art ought to done by robots…’ they say. Please start with Jet or Kings of Leon, I respond.

-It’s from a canadian band and we can use it as a way of saying we miss a lot our lovely friend Leigh Anne, who is there right now…

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  1. i’ve been waiting for hip-hop to go lo-fi/scuzz…(or maybe it has and i just havent known yet) really great shit. and outta toronto? hello. i have theory that a whole lotta numbnuts are doing this kind of shit in their bedrooms and we’re gonna have some wack compilations come 15-20 years. demented.

    Yours sincerely

    Jack Dee

    15th October 2004

  2. I hope we don’t have to wait that long! Ah, Ninjas should get out of their lairs and start getting rid of the Michael Dudikoffs/Puff blingies that rule the workd…NOW!
    Cheers Jack. Got back from London and found the Blanche album waiting for me in my Star Trek console, will say something about it soon.

    Yours sincerely


    20th October 2004

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