17th December 2004



Japanther- Super Loser

Had to love ‘em: first, their name is one of these hybrid words like ‘Liger’ (featured on that Napoleon Dynamite film and in Spain’s dodgiest circuses), ‘rat’ (half rat half bat) or ‘brat’ (half bat half rat). Then the track is called ‘Super Loser’ with ‘Super’, that gives us a hint of the Neu! leanings of the band, and ‘loser’ which is a team I consider myself a member of.

In what refers to the track itself, it sounds a bit like Neu! (I told yer) feeling really angry and experimenting with the speed of their songs so as to fill a whole record’s lenght with one side worth of original material circa 1973, recorded with Velvet Underground’s ‘White Light White Heat’ production values. The result is synthrock Add (n) to Suicide style-e. Plus there’s a couple of moments when the BPM decrease which bring to mind Vitamin C’s initial drum onslaught.

Woa Woa dude, you’ll say… Neu!, Suicide, Can, Velvets…but I’ll tell you the best…it’s got a robotic Mac voice (spent hours with those when I was a kiddo, speech synthetising is the best)!!!!!! And the voice mentions Neu (or Noise?) and the sampled geezer at the beginning says Satan! We had to love Japanther. This song is in the amazing ‘Dump the Body in the Rikki Lake’ album out in Tapes Records, go, buy, support, promote we need more people like ‘em!

(BTW they’re also from New York)

Anyway, well’be surely playing them tonight as part of the 20JazzFunkGreat ‘thing’, in Brighton, from 8 to 11, at the Penthouse, above the Freebutt, no door tax (we accept donations though), cheap drinks (we accept drinks too), we’ll dress glamorously for you.

We have Dave ‘leRave’ McNamee guest djing too, he’s a true star, prom king, musical conoisseur and amazing imaginary breakdancer. If you don’t know him yet there’s another reason for walking, flying or swimming a bit and showing up, yeah, come and bring a friend, or maybe a cat on a leash (now that’d be cool)!


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  1. oh yeah the liger!! you know here in Kerrikakosta they love very much animalsplantsinsectsandnaturalstuff (or they say they love them..), so in the circus they just accept pets, domestic animals like catsanddogs, and they create such bizarre shows like “footballing dogs!!” or “singing cats!!”…

    abrazón Juanito…pásala chupi esta noche!
    fdo.: tontaround

    Yours sincerely


    17th December 2004

  2. In England we have the same with idiots!

    We put singing idiot on the television, and dancing idiot, and footballing idiot too. Mainly they put cannot do anything ‘ celebrity ‘ idiot on.

    I find it keeps them off the street, and also if you are on television it gives every other idiot the automatic right to shout ‘ hey idiot ‘ at you and all the idiot can know each other.

    My cats are far too clever for that, and think simon cowell smells like gone off tuna, and girls aloud idiots are like strays in heat with rabies.

    Yours sincerely


    20th December 2004

  3. You should check out assacre, an austin, tx. based industrial/metal one piece that played two shows with Japanther a few weeks ago. Assacre is a gay jewish asian art punk!!!!?

    Yours sincerely

    Jose Luis

    22nd December 2004

  4. Will go and check Jose, thank you!
    And Angel, what are you doing going to the Circus in Costa Rica? that’s…dangerous…
    JuanFunkGreats under siege

    Yours sincerely


    22nd December 2004

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