20th May 2005

C’mon baby ride my psychedelic van to the retard disco


To end the week of teenage rebellion, toupees, drugs, violence, blasphemy and carnival outfits (which will culminate with an outburst of nervous energy taking place in the Penthouse above the Freebutt tonight friday from 8 to 11, free entry, cheap drinks, trembling record players, cheap discmen, sungeek kid and bitch cassidy not-djing and the mighty russell warrior of SHRAG and the mythical Stop Making Friends guesting (*stops to lets his breath catch up*)) we bring ye…

Cars!!!!! And drugs!!!

This band is called VMW (just back from Germany, there’s lots of ripped off ones there, known as ‘BMWs” ha!) and the artwork for its self titled debut, out now in Coalition Records, is the cutest in a ‘back to the Electroclash days’ way ever (if you find yourself in the same situation as those girls on a monday afternoon, maybe you should start thinking about ringing a couple of numbers).

‘VMW’ sounds like a Retard Disco meets No Wave hybrid which of course we dig, and has in it some tracks sang in a new language which goes a bit like BLEURGHBLEURGHBLEURGH (we dig times 2).

Today we have decided to post, however, something which reminds us of Stereo Total if they went in a coke binge yay yay (digsx3), it’s cheeky, naughty, jaunty, frolicsome, whirry chirry and many other nice words, just listen and nod like Scott after a sleepless nite.

VMW- Black Rainbow

And if you need any more convincing to go and buy consume consume (very limited vinyl), lemme tell you that Charles Bronson collaborates in it. C’mon, you’re sold (and not for a shitload of money, precisely). And if you don’t know who Charles Bronson are, just go to your record shop and ask…

‘do you have any Charles Bronson records’?

…to find out, yeah!

But we also got…

Snakes!! and Drugs!!

If VMW represent the streetwise dressed in black shake your hip hips like a german robot who doesn’t care ying of 20JFG, then Sun City Girls are probably our let’s go to the desert and smoke some heroine cigarrettes (not that we endorse this) and yell Allen Gingsberg poems into the wellow wind yang.

These erm, guys, are one of the true legends of the US underground, having released, in a career that spans decades, more than 40 full lengths or so, many of which are improv freak outs, as well as a handful of awesome ‘proper’ records amongst which the stand-out is, in my opinion (and Danny’s, who knows more about them than me and receives the usual props) ‘Torch of the Mystics’, out of which we post the first track today…

Sun City Girls- Blue Mamba

…an epic quasi-Morriconian piece of sundried sunburnt rock which you can put inside your funny cigarrette and smoke to fantastic effects, check out the mad snarly guitar mayhem at the end, unfurling on top of a pounding drum straight out of the rogue christian community in Vanishing Point, the rest of the record is a path towards enlightnement for those who can take it…

Far Out!

(this post goes with belated happy birthday wishes to Mr. Jon Slade, a true star, and Sarah, a true star, yep, we know many stars)

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  1. i can’t listen to anything with that album cover. that might mean i have no sense of humor but it just makes me want to barf. i mean drugs are fun and all but i have issues with that particular drug and those girls and their pile of money, the implied irony/not irony of this image, etc. i realize i’m not explaining myself very well and i don’t mean to pass judgement but that’s how i feel. sorry, i’m nancy reagan.

    thanks for the lead on sun city girls, that’s one helluva back catolog, pretty intimidating. this song is cool.

    now if you can help me figure out brazillian tropicalia aside from caetano veloso that would rule.

    signed, dj harshmellow

    Yours sincerely


    20th May 2005

  2. I knew there were going to be comments about that VMW thang, actually one of the reasons I didn’t buy the album was the artwork (which I thought was lame, c’mon, we know better than that people!) and now I regret it because it’s actually fairly amazing…

    Cheers for reading & commenting mr


    Yours sincerely


    20th May 2005

  3. I am lucky to own a copy of Sun City Girls’ Torch Of The Mystics. I heard it in London in a used CD store where it wasn’t for sale (just the owner’s copy), and shortly after found it on eBay. I think you should mention that it also includes a bizarre cover version of “Lambada”, dubbed by someone “a version that returns the Brazilian song to its folk roots.” By the way, I gave this album to a friend – and I lost that friend :)

    Yours sincerely


    21st May 2005

  4. God, i don’t know if it is better to have loved and lost or to have never loved at all..thnx 4 reading gs1234.

    Yours sincerely


    8th June 2005

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