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I am tired so let me write a lazy review, if thou wilt. I’m gonna connect Klaus Kinski and Kevin Bacon, no, sorry, Klaus Kinski and John carpenter, no, sorry, Kinski and I-F. Sorry. Please.

Kinski is a band that does very beautiful, mostly instrumental rock that sounds a bit like a soundtrack to the beginning of the universe (i.e. aggresive and beautiful and cyclopean and atomic at the same time, imagine supernovas clashing with black holes and sending waves of invisible energy across time and space, c’mon people, do I have to tell you anything? this is not rocket science, ah, wait…).

Kinski have released a very beautiful album called Alpine Static, in Subpop records.

In this little big song they remind me of Sonic Youth’s radiant instrumental parts, when they are like Neu! but with a fringe and ripped jeans, nice.

Kinski- The Snowier Parts of Scandinavia

Klaus Kinski was the legendary german actor of the nice photo above. He did Nosferatu (could go and connect with Slint now but I wont cos also…)

Kinski is the name of a single released by Legowelt.

Legowelt did a cover of Assault on Precint 13 by John Carpenter (gotta link to John Carpenter at least once a month or Snake Plissken and Mike Myers come over and kill us and dance on top of our graves, last time it wasn’t fun).

I-F also did a cover on Assault on Precint 13th and renamed it ‘Assault on Radical Radio’. This is the other song I am posting.

I-F- Assault on Radical Radio

I-F also did Space Invaders are Smoking Grass which kinda kickstarted electrocla$h and is a motherfucker of a tune.

Assault on Precint 13th is a song that rules our lives with iron fist and I-F, with his creepily creepy creeptastic atmospheric electro rendition has surely made Master Carpenter proud.

This song is in an album called called Fucking Consumer, which is gotta be the best title for an album ever (nice design too), and comes with a booklet with photos of men snogging, which is something we always approve of.


Miss Pain are playing in London tonight with Cursor Miner and the Projects. Stujazzgreats is going in the synthglamrock van with them. You know the deal, good stuff. Roxy Music meets Add (n) to (x) inside a very small art-deco elevator that goes up to Cramps hell. Bliss.

Where? Club Hemisphere, Underbelly Club, Hoxton Sq, N1 6NU. Nearest Tube: Old Street
Doors: 8pm – 1am

And tomorrow saturday it’s It Came from the Sea at the Sussex Arts Club, Nikky and Kicky will be rocking the crowd with the best of the last, and the Jazzfunkgreatsters will be doing the tribal stomp in the geometrical centre of the dancefloor, minus plus one metre.

Twentinajazzfunkgreats will be djing before in the Penthouse at When I Plugged Her In She Blew Up with those two awesome ladies Sarah and Phil. She’s the best DJ ever so go there before or miss out.

Ah, I’m off.