Dancey songs for a robo-pirate

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The other day I was hanging out at 20JFG villa while minding my own business when Wakamaru (pictured) came trailing behind me, o, little yellow creature…and so it said with its monotonous voice…

-Ahoy Master, have ye realised you haven’t posted a hornpipe barnacle in ye little hull for a full moon, arr?

I was like, wtf?

-Why are you talking in such a strange fashion Wakamaru?

-Avast! it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day ye little bilge rat!

Foolish me, of course! This was the 19th of September, of course, talk like a pirate day. ‘This Wakamaru is worth the $ 14.000 I paid for it!’, I thought. I took note of his request, that is, to review a couple of electronic dancey, jiggy if thou wilt, tracks, and opened the wardrobe where I found my tattered jolly roger, which I hanged outside, in the manor’s lawn. After that I loaded my blunderbuss with charcoal and salt, and waited by the window for the arrival of the queen’s troops, or maybe some scientologists.

Anyway, the day was full of adventures, I found a treasure and drank a tankard of grog, jolly good fun…and I owe it all to little Wakamaru, so now in order to satisfy his little wonky circuits I’m going to write about…

Jackson and His Computer’s band

…this frenchman’s album, ‘Smash’ , out in Warp on the 22nd, is one of the most dastardly fucked up yet club-wise banging things I have listened to for a while, being lazy, I could say it sounds like Daft Punk glitchin’ out, or is this Prefuse 73 that day he went to a rave and lost his backpack? none of them, and the better for it.

Jackson and His Computer Band- Arpeggio

Electrobeats and melodies are chopped up, spliced, blended and filtered, the mish mash hurled in a weird corner of the kitchen where early eighties jeep beats and power riffage dance hands in hands without a hint of nostalgia, utter futuristic shite this is, a soundtrack for an ice hockey match between two teams of patlabors, have fun but stay clear of the flying debris.

Flux posted Hard Tits off the same album a few days ago but I like Arpeggio better.

And to finish today, why not, we will bring Wakamaru to a weird climax of electro-sonic ecstasy with another of those understated pieces of quizzical beauty by Isolee, in this occasion remixing ‘Aranda’ by Egoexpress in their Ladomat 2000 released single.

Right now this guy can do no wrong, my purchase of the lushly packaged three vinyl ‘Wearemonster’ LP was an impulse thing but the beat and tone engineering/alchemy god knows what the fuck he does in the studio it’s cold but real hot too of his music has totally seduced me, best electronic album of the year ex aequo with Vitalic hands down.

Egoexpress- Aranda (Isolee 700Euromix)

Here he doesn’t disappoint, taking the original’s pastoral deutsch pop to that mysterious no man’s disco where clicks, cuts, pop, italo and techno collide and groove with sinuous elegance, the jaded grimace tattooed in the dancefloors of trendy bars is nowhere to be seen, instead you find a mysterious but always sincere smile in a half glimpsed face, beautiful layers of synthetic shadow hide it as it fades away.

Wakamaru glances over my shoulder as I finish typing this post.

-Ye happy now matey?

-Aye sir, aye, that made me timbers shiver…