Can one play chess without the queen?

Today we’ve got Sam Wander who guested with Benedict at 20JFG a couple of months ago (and totally killed it) writing about a couple of Brighton bands from a thriving noise/underground/industrial/folk/always DIY as fuck scene that got started at bedrooms, house parties, little theatres and the Psykick Dancehall club/gig night that Ben and Hannah run. Compliments & kudos to all of them, now listen.


The most recently conducted survey found the following results:

1 in every 1.8 people in Brighton is in a band.

In certain specific locations (known as hot spots) the statistic changed to 1 in every 1.2 people.

At the last Charlottefield gig it was found to be 1 in every 1 person.

Some of these people may have been lying in the hope of getting laid or the suchlike. It is therefore crucial to take such a potential discrepancy into account.

The honest minority, however, are working hard.

Les Enfants- Stop it

Every time I try to count how many bands Brighton resident Matt Rains is in I come up with a different number. The last count was 5 but this should be taken as a rough estimate only. And Les Enfants shouldn’t really be included because it’s not strictly a band. But a rough estimate is a rough estimate.

Les Enfants is kind of like The Streets because it misleadingly suggests a group like [insert band beginning with ‘The…’ here] when it in fact consists of no more than one individual. Luckily the similarity ends before entering into any deceptively unintelligent social commentary posing as wry and acute observation of contemporary youth culture.

Having said that, the aforementioned social commentator might also, like Matt, find himself asking: ‘why can’t we park our cars in the street without them getting smashed in and why can’t we make them stop it?’

I don’t quite know the answer. But I know that he wouldn’t have made the question sound quite so beautiful.

The community of musical folk in our little village is shamelessly incestuous. Everyone has forgotten the good old days of monogamous commitment. Fortunately for us this has resulted in the spouting of all sorts of mutant freaks that would have made Darwin’s stomach turn.

Towering Breaker consists of one Ben Knight and one Jack Allett. And naughty boys they are, lacking any sense of monogamy, and instead going about creating monsters like this:

Towering Breaker- #2

(low kpbs due to length)

Key ingredients: yelps, fits, crashes, moans, drones and feedback.

It seems fair to me that any band that uses a pedal called a ‘sonic annihilator’ deserves a grant from the Arts Council. Or perhaps even continued funding.

If you play it as you drift off to sleep you’ll probably wake up in a cold sweat, having narrowly escaped a group of vigilante ghosts who were chasing you through the endless tunnels of a derelict industrial site to claim their hideous revenge for something you never did. Or maybe that is just me.

Just listen to it loud. It’s scary stuff.


Shout out today to Charles Bronson vs god and there krautrock week, posting fine Kraftwerk, Neu!, Faust, Can and all the things you may have missed on here. go say hello from us yeh?

And of course, first warning, this Friday it is happening in Brighton…

You already knew it…


Friday 3rd February Core Club Kings Road Brighton

10-3.30 5/4 with flyer and/or NUS, drink promos all night

The Do gang & a special guest TBC bring you the FUN noisy cowbell shaking bell rocking banana melting bolt lightning ghetto teaching errata erasing gravy training ninja schooling grabba tapin coach whipping beat happening help she can’t swimming gang gang dancing arab strapping sometimes boredoming never boring fire engineering fuck dubstep let’s grime make out make up fall out sweaty bouncy polysic basement indie dance party. FUN

Emphasis is on FUN.


SHITDISCO play live at 11.30ish, someone said they sound like Clap Your Hands Say
yeah covering the talking Heads, whatever, you heard them here first, I say fuck indie disco let’s disco.

We also have the zine zing going on a first come first served basis, actually, try and make it early if you don’t want to queue, or do the 1 in 1 out thing.