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Christ, we are fucking busy kids y’know, hence the shortness of this post – making up for it by having three tracks though, one being 18mins long so no bellyaching you damn fools, here you go:

Arpanet – No Boundry Condition

First up from the recent 12″, ‘Reference Frame’, comes a track by Arpanet, yet another incarnation of Dopplereffekt. Arpanet go total Maths-Electro instead of mannequin and speak & spell fetishisation like on ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’. ‘No Boundary Condition’ is like being rhythmically happy-slapped by a giant spiky scratchy circuit board whilst attempting to escape a haunted forest, being glared at by twisted and gnarled Evil Dead trees that have silicon chips for leaves, the wind rustling through them creating that metallic evil sound that hacks at your spine.

Mirage – Lake Of Dreams

Mirage have their collective minds lost on the delirious dancefloors of some sort of Studio 54 homage club that exists in Heaven (the place not the club). Italo disco is endlessly spun by the celestial DJ’s here as angels strike poses to the sonic lasers and swathes of vocoder and Miami Vice synth-pop drums. ‘Lake Of Dreams’ is like the Kavinsky zombie lurching towards Ida No and snatching the mic from her to front an undead Glass Candy. Troubleman Unlimited have just signed a deal to distribute Italians Do It Better, Mirage’s record company (I think, sorry its so sketchy but I’m in a fucking rush).

Manuel Gottsching – Shuttle Cock (Private Tapes Version)

OK, an epic aural journey to end then. ‘Shuttle Cock’ has been re-issued on a rather too expensive 12″ but this is the real shit, twice as long and therefore twice as better, standard. Its from ‘The Private Tapes Vol.2’ and its a series of laser-guided hypnotic melodies, spinning and undulating, rippling with delicate flourishes through the ether, freezing hot like God, touch it, owie it burns!

Anyway, shit to do, speak later, bye bye love you bye x