Oh so quiet and nice

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After last weekend, which was total carnage and included the Do on Friday (followed by a Jungle party where we danced to Shy FX & UK Apachi w00t), 20JFG on Saturday with Superstar Robin DJ and Mr. James Hines of Nascent & best t-shirts in the land fame rocking the house like only good people can (in a nite which included seeing some couple having sex by their window on the way back home- yuckster.com!) and a chaotic trip to London with Lorrita for the Pick up ->the Pieces <- event, where Silverlink & Genuine rocked like beats outta beathell and we got to hang out with the winningnest crew ever, roll around the floor big up Max Tundra (also looking for Live gigs kids, Mozart does Grindcore anyone) and the rest of it, Acid Jihad (TM) vs Holt Salt Beef Bagels in Brick Lane’s where it’s at, well, after all of this, no wonder we were ill kids during the week, you know, staring at the corner of the room in dread wating for the merciless bony fingers of the cold to come and grab our emaciated faces to plant the kiss of sickness in our palpitating throats.

So yeah, we’re gonna take it easy this weekend, and this will be our soundtrack. More dance & yelp-core & drum overkill with an extra dose of Vitamin X for added aggro sweaty niceness on Monday, w00p.

Your 20Jazzfunkgreats chaps like to be on top of the latest technological trends, and this is the reason they attended a seminar on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for compositional purposes at the COGS research centre in the University of Sussex last week. There, this lovely chap Geraint Wiggins told us about this AI he & his team are developing which composes musical pieces using an algorithm which plays with the expectations of the listener, sometimes fulfilling them and others deceiving them in satisfying ways, which according to some musicologists, is what composition is about at the end of the day. Anyway, it’s all information theory and evolutionary algorithms, if you want to learn more read his papers.

He illustrated his presentation with several MP3s, including this piece by Philip Glass.

Philip Glass- Gradus

You should have seen all the geeks included myself bobbing their heads in sheer delight at the beautiful, fey melodies of Gradus, if this isn’t the sound of blue jaybirds raising flight over the mist of the Thames on a quiet sunday morning, in Stoke Newington of all places, then what is it? Minimalism at its loveliest, you don’t need a theory to enjoy it, you Avant Garde bitches.

Ennio Morricone makes music with the stuff that dreams are made of and 20JFG just lean back, lost on feelings that feel more real in his compositions than they do in real life.

Ennio Morricone- La Vestizione e l’Addio

I mentioned before this theory of composition, I don’t know if this piece disproves it, there’s no-one playing with my expectations here because, to begin with, I could never expect something so beautiful to exist on a friday morning of cold and sickness. Melodies and harmonies spread like the wings of a dove and cover the heart gently.

This music (cheers to Erwin for it) is taken from the soundtrack of the Desert of the Tartars, which you can get on DVD here.

And to end Dillard and Clark crafting one of my favourite ballads ever, if country music is about sitting in a porch at night to pour your heart out into the quiet fields, then this is it, every element a tear of longing, a message which has travelled far to get here, it arrived and stayed shining true, some songs are good company, we’re alone on this, but together.

Dillard & Clark- Polly

Have the sort of weekend you wish! We’ll be home reading a book…