Heaven and Earth


The people from the hills inhabit the range of blue crags lying at the north, no-one knows very well what they get up to in such inhospitable places of surfaces polished into mirrors by shards of merciless ice which reflect fierce the portentous glare of the sun blinding those foolish enough to stare into them for too long, some say they control the wind magick, and that the black storms which often unleash their fury upon the mountains are but ingredients of their savage and beautiful rituals.

The Hills’ totem are regal eagles with piercing eyes you might have seen soaring mighty above, gliding to and fro in silent missions, they are also foreboding guardians of the peaks, ready to grab any mountaineer intruding inside the forbidden circle, raise him into the air for a moment of exhilarating flight before the inevitable drop into the eternal abyss of death, the heart-rending vistas to be enjoyed from the vast heights are perhaps worthy such end.

Fuck Buttons- Bright Tomorrow

Fuck Buttons shall be droning the free world on 2008, in Bright Tomorrow, taken off their lovely debut picture 7′ in ATP Recordings they take you in a steady progression through a world of clouds, past the wise & bearded pantheon of the angels of Krautrock to finally settle in a particularly menacing cumulus where they deploy and activate their distortion generating equipment, crank that wheel and a spider web of grind shrieking and distortion hailstorm is unleashed upon the world, Faust morph into the Locust while colours you didn’t know existed flash in the sky, impressive shit kids.


The people from the east dwell in the darken and cold forests of tall oaks from which strange prodigies hang warning strangers not to straggle away from the broad clear paths through which supplies are brought into the village. If you walk down these you might feel something old and mighty observing you, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as a blurry shadow on the periphery of your vision makes its move, glimpse into the forests to see nothing but the strangely geometrical configurations drawn by things growing, dying and rotting.

The East’s totem are big grizzly bears with shiny old eyes which roam the woods in the murky night like thoughtful juggernauts, sliding past the grey trees not shaking a leaf on their wake, following esoteric patterns that in occasions take them into the suburbs, ominous lumbering shadows to remind sleepless children that one day the village belonged to them, it will again when the forces of wilderness return to reclaim what’s rightfully theirs.

Black Mountain- Wucan (removed on request)

(check Tyrants out instead)

Black Mountain- Tyrants

Black Mountain’s new album, ‘In the Future’ , released by our fave label Jagjaguwar, bristles with the eternal energy you find in certain secret spots where all the things of the forest go silent, no bungaloos for tourists ever built here, or abandoned soon if they were, even city fools realise something weird is going on, and dogs whimper when they step into the zone of power. Evil deeds were carried out in that spot there by priests in the days of yore, and others did things there even before, when evil hadn’t yet been defined.

Black Mountain burn with a strange fire and if you listen close you’ll get burnt like a moth, and you will be fine with it, the armoured behemoth of Black Sabbath walks in the mist of eerie Goblin ghosts, and if there ever was a sight to behold then this is one, we have a candidate for album of the year kids, and what a glorious piece of sexy doomed stoner night it is.

Then tomorrow…

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