If music be the food of love, let us drink its blood and grow stronger- What went on in 2007 pt.3

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Music can take you to strange places. From vast deserts of echoing purple and grey prog drones, to industrial estate robot body-pop raves backlit by showers of sparks from car construction. In the case of this new infinitely awesome wave of Cosmic Disco that has spread across the red earth of Mars like tendrils from an all-knowing race of beings in this year 2OO7, you can be transported to sprawling deserts of shifting sands where silver moons hang in chrome black skies lit by aurora borealis shades. A low bass rumble is ever presently heard on this plain but from no particular direction.

This surreal land is governed by the masters Lindstrom & Prins Thomas. We have mentioned they’re various mantras of new world orders before (Late Night Tales – best compilation of the year together with Jazannova’s stunning Computer Incantations for World Peace – your agreement is encouraged but not compulsory) and we need say no more.

But a renegade is rushing to the regal palace as we speak, resplendent in Venusian fox-fur gown and aviator shades, jewelery forged of sapphires from the mines of Phobos, ready to bring on the Quaalude disco like a rush of pastel blue straight to the brain.

Aeroplane are awesome! If you properly slide into the chromatical slipstream left in their flight path you can perfectly assimilate into their geometric sound, sliding down vortexes of concentric pastel hued circles, down into a warm womb-like area where, accompanied by deep red metronomic pulses, the bass resonates straight to your heart and your cushioned by candy floss and sprinkled by Japanese cherry blossoms. Expect big things in O8, maybe an album, definitely some 12″s and more incredible remixes for the likes of Lindstrom and Das Pop. Check out new 12″, ‘Pacific Air Race’.

Aeroplane – Pacific Air Race

Below the sands, cavernous spaces stretch out for miles where shards of crystals jut awkwardly from every angle and the phosphorous illumination from pools of water are reflected a million times over in spectral arcs of every colour in the known universe. In Flagranti operate their label Codek from this glistening subterranea of disco phantasms. Their barrage of 12″s have been steadily flying out from the tip of the obelisk of inverted blue overground where devoted followers touch the shiny surface of the sculpture and are filled with the spirit of analogue dance. One such disc is the Sound Superb Vol. 1 EP, compiling Codek artists together for a four track cosmic excursion to dancefloors in frozen space.

Hear below how Oblio pull the silver Moon from the sky and cradle it in a ruby red disco of slow motion beats and synthesised emotions.

Oblio – Escape

In an alternate reality, mirrored through the pyre waters of an oasis in a remote area of the desert sands of Lindstromia, the DFA are waging war on the hordes of mediocrity with loose-limbed bleep-funk armadas, solid gold horn & trumpet batallions and stirring string quartets of storm troopers marching to the strongholds of lesser musical entities.

The 2nd LCD Soundsystem album further proved James Murphy’s genius with a killer opening track that will reach iconic status come their greatest hits. The LP then skipped through strobe-lit golden fields of NYC discopic sounds, 3am epic dancefloor huggathons and urgent post-punk jagged pop tunes. Holy Ghost! turned in a future pop classic with the ‘Hold On’ 12″, Still Going dragged piano house from 9O’s Chicago penthouse parties and mutated it into hypnotising metallic soundscapes, and Gucci Soundsystem tore holes in the fabric of space to release great dark shapeless demons (with a little help from the French duke of the screaming black nite, Joakim) on the ‘A Carpenter’ 12″.

But it was Hercules & Love Affair that really grabbed the Minotaur by both horns and rode into the disco collective with a crash of glitter and shards of shattered Grecian urns. ‘Athene’ conjured images of Argento beauties spinning in crystal prisons suspended above Sicilian corn fields as blood seeped through cracks in time and space, and debut 12″ ‘Classique #2’ spearheaded deep vacuums with stratospheric hi-hat and teutonic bass tones interlaced with hollow synthetic labirynthian strings.

Hercules & Love Affair stride through the universe on a golden shimmering winged-horse, battling evil rulers of the dark insidious realms, pitting skills against great feline goblin behemoths. Hercules hurls a spiking lightning bolt of molten disco love and it shatters a glass eye of the giant beast imploding in starbursts, freeing its captured souls devoid of happiness and dance.

Hercules & Love Affair – Hercules Theme

‘Hercules Theme’ is available if your part of the DFA mailing list, but this theme tune is too good not to represent upon these pages. Expect an album in 2OO8, and also a beatifically sublime remix of Aeroplane.

In 2OO7, as we do in any year, we dwelled within the outside circles of music, orbiting our own planetary alignments of styles, but occasionally a mainstream hit can pull us into its gravitational arena and we are left dumb founded and caught off guard. One such entity of extreme power is Amerie.

With 20JFG star & moon shaped shades on, Amerie is no longer one of the legions of R&B divas of America. Instead she becomes a green skinned space queen, draped across a golden throne like an emerald panther, dripping with crystals from a crown perched on top of her blue ringlets of hair. She is waging war on chart stalwarts of R&B-by-numbers like Rihanna, gathering her discoteric forces into an army of 7O’s big band wolves with orders to stride down Hollywood Boulevard, tearing down buildings and erecting shrines to Curtis Mayfield and billboards to promote 2OO7’s Because I Love It.

Amerie – That’s What U R (Instrumental)

To illustrate her otherworldly quality we bring you the instrumental to ‘That’s What U R’ with its disco-zombie-in-love stomp, searching for its loved one’s brains in downtown Brooklyn on a rain soaked street at 3am.


Coming between Christmas and New Years, the shape of things to come in 2OO8 – more hotness from excellent bands and labels who are poised to release their musical creatures on the world like a pack of Night-gaunts tearing up Dunwich. Plus, 20JFG will be releasing its own dark terrors, sheer unadulterated dread, you heard it here first x