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We are not sure on the official release of this amazing new Nemesi 12″ via Relish. Its on iTunes, its been and gone on Juno and its expected on Picadilly. In any case check it out real quick kids cos its got the seal of approval from every warlock DJ and mixtape alchemist who isn’t afraid to slot in a 13 minute piece of epic star destroying kraut-funk – its the Prins Thomas Miks!

Nemesi – Jurassico (Prins Thomas Miks Del 1&2)

Pray silence for the coming of one of the 7 Kings…

Prins arrives in a time machine covered in blue flame, transmographying away from the jurassic period. He’s skipped across the remnants of the primordial soup and unearthed this amazing lost world Neu! instrumental seemingly remixed by the love child of Damo and Carl Craig. Hear how it undulates through the oceans of sounds like a Plesiosaur with a spinal column made of chrome, but then live drums hiss into the mix of thumps and echoing effects and its suddenly soaring over the jungle like a holographic Pterodactyl, snapped at by a rushing T-Rex thats lost in the K-hole.

We continue our seismic theme with the Principles of Geometry. With new LP “Lazare”, Principles record neanderthal cyborgs running through the forests of deepest darkest Canada, they’re circuits occasionally fizzling due to the snow blizzards tearing into they’re rusted joints. Expect more on this album right here in the very near future.

On new 12″, “A Mountain For President”, laser-sex crooner Sebastien Tellier purrs over electrokraut beats and sunrise-on-alien-planets synth effects. But its to one of the 7 Kings, French bastion of dark protoplasmic pop Joakim, that we turn to for a discopic journey to a world not our own.

Principles Of Geometry – A Mountain For President (Joakim Remix)

The remix opens with a sunrise of bubbling synth effects that quickly peaks above jagged motorik beats with warped time signatures. Into this blue and green landscape comes a heavily effected Sebastien, like the ghost of a robot, his reverberating voice spinning across the disco plains until the 8O’s techno eclipses the sun and looms like a shining shadow of negative energy dragging the planet into negative frozen space.

Check the new tres limited upfront Promo at Picadilly, be quick like the fox, bro!