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Bang starts the 2008 with swiriling excitement, the only angle of this post is GOODNESS, but isn’t that always the case.


Blood on The Wall are one of 20JFG’s fave bands from one of 20JFG’s fave labels, The Social Registry, watch them come back strong in 2008 with Liferz, another raucous roll on the floor and tear your skin black ball of distorted psycho-sexual energy which resonates with the teenage dirty spunky power of Half Japanese or Early Sonic Youth, clouds of fuzz covering sunny metal bastardised powerpop melodies a la Big Star, Red Kross or even Cheap Trick, embracing that kernel of eternal truth any good punk-rock band knows at heart, old people are dastardly aliens who want to suck your life-force out of sheer envy and the only way of defending yourself is by blasting them stupid with lightning bolts like this was a Guitar Wolf video.

Blood on the Wall-Liferz

Revival? As long as people continue getting off with each other, fucking, falling in love, fucking up, regretting it and doing it all over again, music like this will keep being made, and fucking right if Blood on the Wall are calling the shots.


We told you some time ago about First Nation’s very nice debut 7”, well, now they have gone and changed their moniker to Rings and are releasing their first album in Paw Tracks, which goes by the title of Black Habit, it is a enthralling business of the ‘create a personal universe of sound to which any listener with a certain degree of imagination and a capacity for detachment from everyday life will feel unavoidably drawn’ kind, incorporating folk and prog and the tribal rhythms with which trees grow in the darken woods, and Girl Pop’s powerful stomp (going all the way from the Ronnettes to Y Pants) and mutant variants of R&B a la Gang Gang Dance, all laced together with the same sort of daring enlightened spirit you find in the spells of the wisest & wildest of all, Kate Bush beckoning from her Wuthering Heights.

Rings’ music unfolds subtle & irrepressible like the fractal pattern of a snowflake, wave after wave breaking gentle against your aural shore, giving some and taking some, little motifs sink and resurface into the blue like half-remembered fragments of a beautiful dream, a pretty unreal palace emerges from the balance of this delicate craftwork, mesmerising in the same way as White Magic  are, although thankfully without their (in my opinion) sometimes exaggerated vocal presence.

Rings- Is He Handsome

Rings have  created a place of light where we slide wide-eyed now, magical promises and hopes have started being fulfilled real fast in this 2008, it’s going to be a good year I feel.


Come to this on Saturday, Brighton Barfly- First 13 Monsters of the Year, you have had a couple of days to recover from New Years kid, get on with it once again!



And finally, we’d like to welcome Toy Pirate  into the pooterworld, this is one of the few blogs out there written like an old school zine, well, actually directly descended from a real photocopied zine which is the spirit we like & identify with, it’s got stuff on ace music, politics, contributions from people in bands and erm, interviews with quidditch players, exciting good stuff from Kev Soar…check it out.