Disco dot disco

Because we know where our hearts are.


I have just placed an order for LCD Soundsystem’sConfuse the Marketplace’ US-only 12” release and I am sure you’ll do the same after listening to Freak Out/Starry Eyes. Actually this came out on December last year and I cannot fucking believe it isn’t sold out. Come on people, do you want to live in a world where these things don’t sell out? Get moving then, and put your money where your mouths are. Biting the black and white tiles of a messy dancefloor. And smiling.

LCD Soundsystem- Freakout/Starry Eyes

Oh, hello, here we have another of those totally mindboggling disco apocalypses that DFA often unleash upon us provoking apoplectic fits with hallucinations of afro’ed angels floating above a glitter ball which spins at the speed of Planet Earth because it is actually Planet Earth and we are staring at it while we dance in outer space, which as Sun Ra well knew, is the place.

Wait til you hear the Hercules and Love Affair album kid. Wait til you hear Happy House by The Juan MacLean. Big sexy things coming your way.

Anyway, enough of the teasing, Freakout/Starry Eyes sounds loved up and old like a lost side found in a dusty case in the cellar of a damp studio where Arthur Russell spent a night once. It sounds old in the same way in which the wise and crazy streets of NYC are old, and dancing under red lights surrounded by warm shadows is old, people have been doing it forever. Thing is certain things feel old because they are timeless, and that is the reason we never get tired of them. Epic percussive gospel disco mayhem with horns and a synth line that harkens back to Kraftwerk via Herbie Hancock morphing into a syncopated robotic shuffle that would have made Yello proud.

Revival? Fuck you, this is glorious.

The rest of the 12 includes a paranoid dubby bassroller strutting down North American Scum alley full of amazing noises that make me salivate, and Hippie Priest Bum Out which is the most percussive thing DFA have done since their remix of Sunplus by J.O.Y., kids, I’m saying something here. Killer package, geddit.

(Our trusty friend Sadomiso got in touch to say we actually posted the tune above at the wrong speed Oh Doh! I’m not sure which speed do I prefer it at to be fair, but out of respect for our beloved LCD, and because this way you can actually tell it’s James Murphy’s voice, we have replaced it. Being stupid is cute, isn’t it?)


And then onto In Flagranti’s remix of Asia Argento’s Antipop soundclash, following up on the robotic chugga chugga which finishes the LCD Soundsystem’s tune above, Vampy advances relentlessly infected by a paranoid moroderian disco line which fluctuates between homicide and murder. Asia Argento’s crooning is cut up all over the filthy track like some sex-starved Debbie Harry if she had decided to become a ballerina in Helena Markos’ school of crimson and someone had convinced her that synchronised swimming in a barbed wire pool is a good look, which is a good look but bad for your health, and a fucking fortune in bandaging afterwards. Cool scars though, if you are into that stuff.

Antipop vs Asia Argento- Vampy (In Flagranti remix)

Daddy used to wear leather gloves and pretend he killed ladies in the TV screen, wonder why I came out a bit funny?

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