House of Ice

It might be too early in the great cosmic scheme of things to make such grandiose statements but maybe, just maybe, a revival of Chicago House will be the new Blog House (*spits*) for 2008. As evidence, The Juan Maclean’s “Happy House” is so super hot with iconic Nancy Wang vocals soaring into space across the backdrop of 1989 piano loops. Then, Hercules & Love Affair are set to release a disco opus LP in March that, whilst holding the hands of past greats like Mr Fingers, Nexus 21 and the don, Frankie Knuckles, stares teary-eyed and heartbroken towards shimmering silvery futurescapes where Antony awaits with 3rd eye wide open, shooting lasers of red into the subconscious of onlookers.

But back to the old skool:

Mr. Knuckles mixed this awesome 80’s pop-house crystal for Kevin Irving and it was released on seminal label Trax in 1987. It sits right in the middle of the 80’s pop explosion and the underground throb of the Chicago sound. Vocals on the subject of cool kids out on the dancefloors of dance-town loosely echo the demonic stomp of the video for “Thriller” if Diana Ross had replaced Michael at the last moment. Its like the Shakatak of an alternate universe (made up of actual real versions of the characters from Streets Of Rage) where they formed in a Martian acid house rave, then travelled back in time to the late 80’s and showed us all what bionic sound ninjas dipped in an acid and glitter broth can do to your disco limbs.

Kevin Irving – Children Of The Night

Check it in its 4 minute edited version for maximum pop-song appeal, and watch out for low flying piano loops made of jewel encrusted titanium that appear from nowhere between verses, twinned with rolling blasts of synthesised drums and heart-based bass.

Now onto our ’08 heroes of the moment, Hercs’ ‘n’ Loves’ (our pet name), who – after adding paradoxical neon-green voodoo trance to Goldfrapp, and stuttering hi-hat blue/purple pastel shards of ’89 bass & warp effect to Aeroplane’s new track, “Whispers” – is casting Chaz Jankel in gold and displaying him on a plinth in the middle of the VIP area in a Miami club, backlit with lurid pink light.

Chaz Jankel – Get Myself Together (Hercules HercHouse Mix)

There is a disco version of this remix too, a Studio 54-era bump ‘n’ flex-a-thon complete with pink-tracksuited trampolining ESG girls and Liquid Liquid rhythm-section back up. But its the glacial HercHouse mix that’s forming ice over our dance-brains and transporting us to sophisticated Arctic igloo-set club nites.

Its those special little sounds in Hercules & Love Affair remixes that make them so appealing; the “get-my-get-my-get-my” vocals puncturing this track like meteor fragments burning up in the stratosphere, or the cyber-Zulu chants on the Goldfrapp mix and then the warped totally tropical steele-drum effects on the Kathy Diamond assisted “Whispers”.

From the ‘Get Myself Together Remixes’ 12″, out soon on Tirk.