[[[We heart thee French

but we think Carla Bruni and her fascist hubbie stink, fuck the obsession with faux-nobilities and, of course, fuck nobilities]]]

20jazzfunkgreats continues its war against the powerful forces of the Interweb. It appears that the evil corporate forces have allied themselves against the shining beacon of benevolence that this blog is, and decided to sink not only my connection, but also that of Steven’s.

We have sent a black dove to the council of the Eldest to ask for their intercession in gaining access to the wonderful pool of radiance from which all corruption emanates, but their spells require some time to work, so this fucking place full of spiders which we inhabit won’t be back to normal operations until Friday, which is when we shall be unleashing all sort of malignant vibrations upon you on full auto like a bunch of rugged truckers barricaded inside a weapon store which music-hungry zombies, this is you, besiege in a storm of fury:

20JFGmm: More buck for your bang.

But I can still write at home: those iniquitous Internet Service Providers can take away my Xbox Live, but they can’t take away my freedom!!

May the magick puppeteer that controls our destinies from behind a candy coloured cloud in the skies of the darken night not decide to disable my hands as a punishment for my arrogance. Oh dear. Oh there, now here’s some french hotness for you.

(Also, if you feel starved of awesome tunes you should go and check out our little selection at Fervent Moon, who are featuring us this week, bonza!)


A packet with the logo of the grinning Tigersushi creature is always a packet received with joy, and opened with anticipation.

Poni Hoax don’t disappoint in Images of Sigrid, it seems that every single sonic millimetre of this album has been put into place to create an impression of smooth wonderful sexiness, like a theme park of good taste designed by engineers knowledgeable enough not to fear a bit of passion and heartbreak, and also sweat on the dancefloor, as the very excellent Ian Curtis at Studio 54 epic disco of Antibodies demonstrated.

Joakim is of course in charge of production duties, so a Sound with capital letters pervades seductive beautiful compositions which inhabit the spacious meadows of the album like perfectly proportioned Renaissance sculptures hiding inside the luxuriant corridors of a labyrinthine maze. This is the classiest music to grace our ears since Sebastian Tellier took us into his languorous universe of magenta lust and neon pleasure, and an exemplar of perfectly accomplished modern pop music.

Poni Hoax- The Paper Bride

The Paper Bride, with its feeling of gallantly approached pathos, and thrilling noir progression could have soundstracked Alain Delon as Le Samourai, stepping into that cool jazz nightclub for his final date. Nuff’ Said.


Kap Bambino are not classy, they are a sonic mess of joyous aggression coming out at you teeth bared like a no wave piranha coiling in a pool of decomposing scenester bodies, or shall we say giant Amazonian bat shooting lasers with crimson eyes to make your body twitch and spazz in the sort of hysteric dance that, had you been a peasant in the middle ages, would have ended with your pestilent body burning in the pire of the inquisition, soz heretic!

We miss Les Georges Leningrad more than we miss the Internet, but if there is a band where the chaotic dada dance party spirit of Montreal’s freshest keeps burning strong like hellish flames animating the skeleton of wannabe Evil Knievel bikers, then Kap Bambino is ‘em. Zero Life Night Vision is the soundtrack of a Famicom video game where Melt Banana bounce fierce over mushroom-headed boring indie bands on their quest to rescue the sound of Digital Hardcore Recordings from the hands of the postmodern shitcore warlord, they have 6 lives left and it’s going to be a hell of a ride, insert pain.

Kap Bambino- Took Life

13 Monsters return for another hyperkinetic ADD bash in the Barfly this Saturday,

Brighton Barfly

Pyramidal Party Scheme : Like a brainless version of Dawn of the Dead.

Playing all the hits- HEALTH-Hercules and Love Affair-Prince-Silver Apples-Slayer-Late of the Pier-Fuck Buttons-El Guincho-Make Up-Liars-Deerhunter-Santogold-Universal Robot Band-Dan Deacon-Gay vs You-Devo-Beastie Boys-Animal Collective-The Knife-MGMT-Erase Errata-Van Halen-Blood Brothers And many many more.

And coming up in April and May (Get TICKETS HERE):