Nazi snakes that dwell in pyramids!? Fucking hell S.S. Pyramid Snake, did you create music just for us!? The prospect of the existence of such creatures is like one of those cool nightmares you are having – the ones that you feel bad from because you went and woke up before the really nasty stuff started happening – where all manner of dark and forboding bludgeoning horror is about to conjure itself into rancid hideous flesh and strike down on you. “Outer Realms Pt.1” attempts to minimally but darkly invoke this undead torment. With woeful synth moans, burned by the heat from molten lava and death march undead b-boy beats that sound like the irregular heartbeat of an android being killed by metal hungry zombies, SSPS kill with a pleasure that only an ancient Nazi reptilian Hell spawn would know how.

S.S. Pyramid Snake – Outer Realms Pt.1

Then, along comes Faux Fox, caught in the same metronomic dying android heartbeat drum coda. These guys take Crystal Castles’ 8-bit sensibilities and then cast the shadow of the Kavinsky Converse zombie over the dead bodies of ADULT. and create the sound of that guy getting crushed between the two car bumpers at the start of Halloween III: Season of the Witch, if it was endlessly looped and played on video walls in empty and fearful landscapes of the future. Here the vocals are treated heavily to become one with the cosmic decay of king Carpenter, if the great man himself had had the idea to make a horror film set in the haunted house track of the original Mario Kart.

Faux Fox – Brass Ring

Stepping out of the games cartridge as it melts away in fluro acid colours are Neon Coyote who pick the possibly heinous crime of trying to remix the unremixable Throbbing Gristle (who else has done a good job besides Carl Craig?), but they come up trumps and its winners all round. The original devil’s nursery rhyme sound is the backbone of the track which then visits afro shores of 8-bit waves licking at polygonal sands, where super deformed voodoo shamen float in candy bubbles croaking out lyrics like acidic frogs, and all the while the starry nite sky is being sucked into a vortex that shines out of the top of a rhythmicallly swaying 2D palm tree.

Throbbing Gristle – Walkabout (Neon Coyote Edit)

We end with Baby Sloth Spirit, Professor Genius’ Ritalin starved hyperdance nephew, born in space and sent to Earth to test video games and its effect on the movement of feet. Whereas Crystal Castles approach 8-bit with they’re fingers jabbed firmly down on the death metal aggro button, BSS is soaring to it from space, with disco lazers fixed on the centre of the target, lazers powered by the glistening cosmopolitan skyline zones of Sonic The Hedgehog and the purple hues of the mountain ranges in Mickey Mouse and The Castle of Illusion.

Baby Sloth Spirit – Untitled