Get colonial!

image supplied by Tommyboy

Codek is a relentless tidal wave of synthesised arpeggiated surf breaks and polyester primary coloured bongo loops. This faux 70’s wave is crashing upon the beaches of Afro-disco like a thundering black-watered leviathan, leaving the sunbathers drenched with dance music. If Italians Do It Better are the label of the year, then Codek is most definitely the sleeper hit of 2008, an island of reworked gems in a sea of re-edits, releasing perfectly crafted records that bring old classics back to the party.

Sounds Superb, Vol.3 holds a series of awesome edits, just as great as the first two volumes. Answers on a postcard/comments box entry as to what the anagrams are, but first off “Fredric Sinful” presents a disjointed prog Moon landing with ‘Crater Sands’, then In Flagranti themselves break open the lesbian porn stash during the beer-drenched and cocaine-flecked frat party with ‘Rush’ and Brennan Green covers Freddie Mas’ ‘Tails of Prevalance’ turning it into a seance to resurrect the spirit of Bobby Gillespie (y’know, before he listened to Electroclash and had any remnants of talent sucked out by rock vampire, Kate Moss).

Borke Woerter – Foe Tim Out

However, we will centre on the entry known as ‘Foe Tim Out’ by “Borke Woeter”, the most italotastic creation on the 12″, with copious laser squelches and all the hotness that a kazoo-like bassline can bring to a lowly dancefloor such as the one that revolves in the minds of your dear 2OJFG peeps. This is probably a re-edited track that should be glaringly obvious but its more the music than the identity that we are here for and we are too busy whirling through the star-spangled heavens in time with the phasing vocoderbeats to care much for confirmation of an original.

Compost have seen fit to finally issue a sequel to one of the best cosmic disco compilations of the past few years, “Elaste: Slow Motion Disco” as compiled by DJ Mooner. Volume 2 is compiled and mixed by Tom Wieland of 7 Samurai / Panoptikum, who speeds things up but still keeps the disco pumping on the dancefloor of vintage Battlestar Galactica.

Rufus and Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody (Frankie Knuckles Hallucinogenic Dub)

The mix ends with Chaka Khan’s classic ‘Aint’ Nobody’ remixed by Frankie Knuckles. the Chicago warehouse rave seems to be caught in some type of time flux where a robotic string quartet are slowly melting into the ether and sound is dragged into a central rift in space and expelled continually over itself across a volley of laser percussion and keys. Chaka eventually arrives from the heavens on a hologramatic cloud to chant the main refrain while versions of herself in mist-like forms reverberate around her.