Do Androids dream of electric Shoggoths?

Featuring : ilya santana + Lindstrom

Its an eternal question, one that will only be answered in some synthetically sanitised dystopian future, many millennia from now, directed by Ridley Scott and starring a reanimated Kurt Russell. You heard it here first.

Ilya Santana – From Uranus To Mercurius

Ilya Santana will be one of those great synthesiser composers of the classic italo-renaissance period of the early 21st Century that will be reconstructed into powerful circuitry to record the soundtrack to this sci-fi opus.

As we can see from his most recent EP, ‘Arcanus’, Ilya Santana has the true spirit of finely tailored Italian disco coursing through his central processors, by spinning together an elegant multi-layered ode to the planets and the elegant movement between them. Many melodies interlace nicely across each other with enough reverb to keep the boosters running on cruise-control so the real power can be channelled through to the lasers that pan across the blackness of space in lines of increasingly subtle structures and pastel colouring.

In Space no-one can hear you gasp at Greatness

Lindstrom’s debut album (not counting the 12″ collection, ‘Its A Feedelity Affair’) is about to hit the disco loving world in August and it does not disappoint. Packed into these 3 grand totems of awesome motorik-balearian lullabies is enough stuttering synth shimmers and driving polymorphic basslines to saturate the listener in icy discotasms, beamed through a thousand points of light from far off planets where higher consciousnesses create landscapes of thundering metropolis with only the gift of sound.

Lindstrom – Grand Ideas

Grand Ideas indeed, an idea where Jan Hammer has assimilated ‘Ghost In The Shell’-style with the sentient robot Cerrone, and that collective ‘they’ have collaborated with John Carpenter to create a bleeping soundtrack to camo-clad mercenaries fleeing the wastelands, ever vigilant that the diseased zombie hordes are fast approaching and hungry for flesh. But at the same time this scenario is reflected in the lurid purple puddles of acid rain that have collected in the craters created by the nuclear firestorm of the old days, and in this alternate plain these zombies are now jet black panther-like liquid creatures, playfully chasing the silver suited mercenaries with the singular aim to dance they’re troubles away under the irradiated green skies.

So yeah, Lindstrom goes the way of everyone’s hero Vangelis, and creates a 3 track album that is mixed, thus creating a whole new concept for alien living – and yeah, thats the next track rumbling into existence at the end of ‘Grand Ideas’ – be good and buy ‘Where You Go I Go Too’ upon its release, look, its pretty!


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