Some more mr. Lo-fi

Featuring : Graffiti Island + Sic Alps

We made a drunken deal in Primavera Sound, and it’s on, so welcome Sssamuel Strang getting down first, the curmudgeonly Spanish one plays the harmonica pensive at the back.


The sound of monotony swamping your skull, Graffiti Island are not typical. Brought together through a mutual love of the deranged dilettante Jan Terri, their bludgeoned lo-fi is the sort that’d have even Calvin Johnson turning his nose with frontman Pete Dee’s vocal a coarse narcotic, one dragged from a LA suburb through Dalston high street, wading its way through a swamp of comotose reverberating basslines.

Though they’re yet to release a record (a 7” is due through House Anxiety in coming months) there’s plenty to set a jaw round. ‘Mountain Man’ is from a while back now, something no ointment can treat, rabid and pent up with carnal desires, the sort of output you’d expect from an outfit citing Meat Puppets beside The Pastels. Self-loathing mongrel pop.

Graffiti Island- Mountain Man


Sic Alps are another of those American bands to blip from time to time in 20JFG’s radar with the gusto of those who don’t give a fuck, and tonight we are definitely buyin’, their U.S. Ez (Siltbreeze, what would we do without you?) finds them straddling the thin line between disjointed noise of the sort you’d dance to just fine if someone smashed your knee with a bicycle chain, and spaces of melodic genius which have always belonged to the crazy and the illuminated.

You might ask for proof and we lay ‘Gelly Roll Gum Drop’ at your feet, this is the same sort of fucked up blues of Rolling Stones circa Exile on Main St. , our beloved Royal Trux or even Electric Eels shedding a tear in the midst of a shitstorm of distortion (Girl…), music unselfconciously beautiful and rightfully raw, usually to be found at the back of the bar surrounded by a cloud of smoke, a conclave of empty bottles of liquor and the shadow of a broken heart shining above like a Kirlian aura of the damned, bless ’em they always come up with the best songs.

Sic Alps- Gelly Roll Gum Drop