Future bliss


Where up and coming master of the cosmic oscillator Gatto Fritto creates, in his remix of Subway’s Simplex, a warm epic to awaken to as twin stars dawn over a Terran colony in a galaxy far away, reflecting refulgent on the shiny surfaces of a crystal architecture built by people wiser than us. Many dudes out there be rocking the trance inductive sound, but few (say Aeroplane, Windsurf or Hatchback) manage to reach parallel peaks of swirling incandescent multi-layered glory, each second of this odyssey is one to savour in delight as we launch from some Balearic beach and into new constellations of synthetic sound cruising in an aerodynamic vessel powered by a gravity drive that taps into the same energy reservoir that informed the wild-eyed expeditions of thee early German pioneers, particularly Manuel Göttsching.

Interstellar stuff.

Subway- Simplex (Original Tempo Gatto Fritto Remix)


And let us continue our ascension on the anti-gravity escalator by the hand of Weird Tapes. In his ‘Get Religion’ EP we discover ‘The Heavens’, a smooth gem of Daniel Wang style future disco nocturnal strutting across the carefully arranged ways of a sonic Zen Garden, slight reconfigurations of the minimalistic landscape create the right conditions for a lunar goddess to materialise in the ethereal light, above us she hovers with a benevolent smile, and then she sings otherworldly so that we can rise into the starry sky atop invisible platforms of lovely melody.

Weird Tapes- The Heavens