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Featuring : Mayyors

DJ Rick is so totally DJing at our collective wedding.


So I left this tune on the record player while I was shaving and when I came back to my bedroom it was all fucking trashed, even the paint stripped off the walls, sweet baby Jesus playing chess with Alejandro Jodorowsky on the top of that mountain whence the prophets came bearing stones with cryptic rules, I beheld my face in the shattered mirror and wild eyes stared back at me, blood streaming from emaciated cheeks down the ridge of a trembling chin precipitating into a white t-shirt that had become something else, now, this is what Sexy Prison shall do to your room if you let them, so yeah, press play at your own risk. They skate gracefully over a valley of distorted grimaces and broken bones waving Chromes’s amphetaminic banner, enter Filth Flarn Filth and be confronted by a streamlined version of Bosch’s apocalypse inhabited by no wave cyborgs, minimal wave pinheads and the odd melodic little red riding hook with razorblade implants under her fingernails. Don’t turn your back on her, she is a merciless bitch.

Believe me.

Sexy Prison- Without Us Some Guys Would Starve


So I left this tune on the record player while pondering in the kitchen about the potential cracking of some eggs to concoct the proverbial omelette, when I came back into my bedroom fretful under the black wings of a metaphysical bat I found it in total Beirut styles, walls obliterated as if commander fuck you had sat in front of his map and drawn a red X straight in my space, turning it into gleaming target for howitzers, mortars and the odd wasp stuka buzzing straight outta hell. An abstract hell beheld through fractured walls which is Mayyors’ very own in Megan’s LOLZ, barren expanses under a millenial night of an alien colour, tundras littered with the brittle corpses of collosi whose bones and tusks are recycled into spears, pikes and clubs by misshapen beasts waging a brutal party that feeds upon itself like eviscerated sharks in turbulent waters, turbo-accelerated blitzkrieg, Electric Eels on fast forward forever, rotor shredder styles which remind us of Coachwhips’ eternal genius, harsh times never got better than this.

Mayyors- Airplanes