Nite Terrors

Three nightmares, for dancing in cold sweats at a seance when the moon is pulling your consciousness to dark places full of subliminal horror and nameless things that slip through the shadows:

Its Zombie Apocalypse time again at 2OJFG! But this time the doomed hero of the story is you, trapped in an abandoned building in a wasteland town, ruined by the hordes of the undead. As this song progresses through time into beatific pale-skinned calypso horror, the boney fingers of the walking corpses are outstretched to claw at the damp wood of the flimsy door that separates them from you. As sludge-disco synths crash into 80’s fuzz-guitar, they break through, silhouetted by a mysterious blue light from the hallway behind. You see the dim glint in the hungry undead eyes, hear the expectant groans from dead throats as they lunge forward, the stench of putrid flesh and liquefied entrails hits you before yellowed teeth sink in…

Dr. Dunks – Love Savage

Good luck finding this massively limited and sold out 12″ of edits from Whatever We Want Records…

(image unearthed by Tommyboy)

An alien presence created the sounds you are about to hear. It floated through a seemingly endless space until the pull of Earth bought it into our midst. Once here, it crept through the underground away from prying eyes where it could grow strong, silently amassing its collective forces until a full scale invasion of spherical flaming blue light rose from the depths to snatch away countless victims who’s brains were drained of emotion to become mere pawns in the extraterrestrial being’s dark design of slavery.

Cobra Cut – Night Prism

This beautiful piece of synth orchestration comes from Cobra Cut, who create italo disco from the 10th circle of Hell where all the disco dollies who died of coke overdoses end up.

Board up the house, for out of the shadowy miasma comes the thing. Not the horde of undead you were dreaming of before, but a dreaded new force that cannot easily be removed from existence with a simple bullet to the cranium. As the looming terror from Steve Moore’s remix of Genghis Tron strikes icicle points of fear in your heart you can hear the oozing evil squeezing through the cracks in the boards across the windows and doors, pooling on the floor in front of you, a slick black menace of misshapen damnation, it contorts into mangled sharpened talons and flies forward in a flash of blackened death.

Genghis Tron – Board Up The House (Steve Moore Remix)

Taken from Volume 1 of the new limited series of remix 12″s out on Temporary Residence Ltd – try Piccadilly Records.


2OJFG hits New York:

It’s next week on October 14th and it’s being held at the very nice bar/art space Supreme Trading which is located at 213 N. 8th Street, just off of Bedford Ave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If you live in the NYC area and you want to hear the usual mix of horror soundtrack synths, feral disco, transcendental tribal noise, gold plated hummer jams, and the doomiest remix of a Britney song ever made, then by all means come down and shake bones. Dev (Lightspeed Champion) and Telepathe will be coming down to play some records too. Thank you.