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Featuring : joakim + Poni Hoax


Alter Ego’s remix of Poni Hoax’ Hypercommunication is a chromed shogun gazing down into the dancefloor from a red mountain of swords, cruel heart beating like a clockwork mechanism of electroid viciousness, epic body music expanding metronomic like a geometric reticle straight of Tron, but made of taut barbed wire instead of neon. There is a black panther approaching for the kill in between the sonic spaces of this remix, and this is a totally wicked thing. Sweaty times, cold sweaty times.

Poni Hoax- Hypercommunication (Alter Ego Remix)

Thanks to our main man G£nuin£ Guy for the tip.


We never fail to be astounded by Joakim’s god-like genius, just check out his remix collection, where he continues walking his path in disregard of any sort of generic signposts, fusing the class and musicality of timeless disco with the pumping oomph of Chicago house, and a fair share of shining pop hooks to make the proceedings even more exciting. You can listen to this stuff at home, revelling in the top-notch production, intelligence, emotion and finesse, or lose your shit to it in the dancefloor as the origami-like progressions spread around you in three dimensional versicolor.

His remix of DJ Mehdi’s Pocket Piano is a good example, lush orchestral disco with flexing Piano house muscles build up into an acid colossus which sounds like it was being played live by a crack squad of crazy-eyed super-intense progressive instrumentalists (think Can in Cologne) under the direction of visionary composer Jean Claude Vannier or something like that, which you will agree sounds like a fucking sweet trip, but don’t take my word for it, just listen.

DJ Mehdi- Pocket Piano (Joakim’s Remix)


I was in Rounder Record yesterday when I heard this sound coming out from the shop’s stereo, Throbbing Gristle’s Hot on the Heels of Love spreading its smooth decadent fingers over the blissful fabric of a luscious synthetic drone, the sort of thing our fave psychenautic crew Optimo would have lovingly concocted. As it is, this was from Sal P and Kaos’ Collector Series Danse Gravite Zero, which actually came out a couple of years ago and might well be the most impeccably curated, most tastefully paced DJ mix I have heard since Optimo’s (or RVNG) last.

It is truly a sonic gaze to behold, a trove of musical riches and obscure nuggets seamlessly blending into each other, mid tempo space disco, muscular funk rock, psychedelic new beat, dub and african percussion music, it’s all in there, with mighty Sal P spicing things up in true Liquid Liquid Master of Ceremonies style, space is the place.

I am having a darn hard time deciding what tune to post from the mix, and you will probably find more than a few gems discovered through it featured in this blog in the next couple of months, for now I’m just going to leave you some soulful acid house by ESP, this is a lovers rock from Chicago’s future past, electric doves rising over the Windy City’s breathtaking architecture, a vista to make you cry.

ESP- It’s You