Stars in your face

Witness us transformed into mediums for a message of blinding glorious transfixing light, first with Gang Gang Dance, responsible for St. Dymphna, one of the albums of the year, which was released officially yesterday. We had this to say about it a couple of weeks ago:

‘we are talking Gang Gang Dance here, one of those rare outfits who manage to remain duly out there, like some sort of weird organic satellite floating in the interstice between atmosphere and a black space which is the place, feeding on mestizo transmissions from all over the globe which are then condensed into a primeval halo of muscular percussive energy shot back to make us speak tongues, imagine a booty version of the Sun City Girls and you aren’t there, but then you never will be there, until you press play and the ghost radiations enter your body like technological loas in a Gibson dream of the future that is here and now.’

Well, here you have 4 awesome tunes chosen for your total delight by Lizzi, Josh and Brian. Enjoy, say thanks in the box below and get the record because it’s total bloody sex echo ritual beyond the walls of the inner jungle yonder the invincible spirit dances unbridled.


Don Cherry- Brown Rice

A twisted children’s rhyme set to a strange atmosphere gamelan style track. Witchy and floaty, could give you nightmares but could give you some great dreams too….it depends.


Francis Bebey- Forest Nativity

The REAL version of welcome to the jungle


Phil Collins- I’m not Moving (Edit by Idjut Boys)

We heard this on a mixtape from Brian from Animal Collective. It sounds like Phil Collin’s under water / in outer space / inside a volcano

Growing- Rave Pie Only

Beyond the third dimension. A great visual tune. Close your eyes and watch it move.


And let us put the icing on the winning cake with this mixtape that Max Tundra (with help from our main man G£nuin£ Guy) has prepared to celebrate the launch of his album ‘Parallax Error Beheads You’, out in Domino now. Ok, so the album is the genius pop explosion equivalent of a technicolor holographic trip up and down the corridors of Prince’s Chocolate Factory. If that’s that, and you know it is, then this is a handheld camera recording of that trip sent in a cold fusion reactor powered capsule to explore the outer confines of a warm universe operating under the approving gaze of a benevolent watchmaker, sliding into a post-euclidean loop which is the psychedelic equivalent of a bowling gutter in future P-funk city, spinning past the fourth dimension and into your eager ears so you can flip out like the progressive equivalent of Flipper the dolphin. Now there, 50 tunes in 30 minutes which are full of soul, and a few tasty morsels from the aforementioned album. B for Brilliant, and total love.

Max Tundra- Radio Mix Tape


1.Max Tundra: Orphaned
2.The Funky Worm: Hustle!
3.Jensen Sportag: Cocktease
4.Set The Tone: All Tied Up
5.Ark: Le Magicien D’Os (Mr Oizo Mix)
6.Linda Scott: I’ve Told Every Little Star
7.Soundhack: Rodeo
8.Roberto De Simone: Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie
9.Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer: Like Children
10.Skeletons & The Girl Faced Boys: Git
11.Von Südenfed: Fledermaus Can’t Get It (Max Tundra Mix)
12.Mr Oizo: Patrick122
13.Louchie Lou & Michie One: Shout (Accapella)
14.Frank Zappa: Night School
15.The Art Of Noise: Snapshot
16.Funk D’Void: Jack Me Off
17.Basti: Man At CIA
18.Trans Am: Cold War (A Grape Dope Mix)
19.Royal Trux: Money For Nothing
20.Thomas Bangalter: Ventura/Into The Tunnel
21.Ivor Cutler: The Railway Sleepers
22.Mint Royale: The Effect On Me (Max Tundra Mix)
23.George Duke: Stand
24.Ronnie Hazlehurst: Sorry! Theme
25.Busta Rhymes: Gimme Some More
26.The Flying Lizards: Gyrostatics
27.Eskaton: If
28.Max Tundra: Which Song
29.Scritti Politti: Small Talk
30.The Jammers: Be Mine Tonight
31.Gentle Giant: Interview
32.Mr Oizo: Skatesteak
33.DJ Brokenwindow: Hair, Nails, Percolator
34.Dominique Leone: Nous Tombons Dans Elle
35.The System: Now I Am Electric
36.10cc: Clockwork Creep
37.Trans-X: Digital World
38.Harry Merry: Bye Bye, Here’s Some Stuff
39.Kimitaka Matsumae: Dekanime Theme
40.Slick: Space Bass
41.IQ: Beef In Box
42.Max Tundra: Glycaemic Index Blues
43.Neil & Iraiza: Wasted Time
44.Devo: Theme From Dr Detroit
45.Patrick D Martin: I Like Lectric Motors
46.Manfred Mann: Can’t Eat Meat
47.Ride: Leave Them All Behind
48.Brandy: What About Us
49.Illreme: Kyou Wo Tou
50.Prince: Let’s Go Crazy (12″ Mix)
51.Steely Dan: Bodhisattva