Atrocity Expedition

Featuring : Xeno & Oaklander

I’d like to imagine that everyone reading this out there has seen Crash, father to us all David Cronenberg’s epic (anti)pornographic meditation on human compulsion and the aesthetics of sexual obsession, wherein a group of rather insane individuals make a series of quite literal connections between erotic satisfaction and motor accidents with unsurprisingly grisly results. Well imagine if Throbbing Gristle associates Chris & Cosey and electro grim reapers ADULT. were the film’s key protagonists.

Picture the scene. On a quiet highway at night, two cars miles apart but hurtling towards one another with critical velocity like a fist and a face about to make bloody contact cut through the mists that blanket the darkness that lies before them. In one car Chris and Cosey caressing their scars acquired in previous escapades salivating over the thought their scars will soon be open wounds again, blast their pin-prick industrial pop into the atmosphere, filling the air with malevolent electronic aggro and synthesized broken glass, whilst in the other car ADULT. finger one another’s wounds, delicately tearing in twisted bliss at one another’s flesh as their jagged, ice cold tekno murder balladry cuts and penetrates with supernatural precision like a knife through everything in the local vicinity. And as they near closer to one another and commit to the deadly climax they‘ve all licked their lips over for so long, just before their bodies rupture from their metal contraptions and ejaculate through window shields to adorn the ground like broken dolls, the sound clash created between the two will create something wonderful and that sound will be the sound of Xeno & Oaklander’s “Blue Flower”.

Xeno & Oaklander – Blue Flower

So at the weekend I went to see Psychic TV do their ever so unique thing on stage, and which aside from almost being suffocated in clouds of projectile smoke that temporarily made my spine feel hollow with the fear that in a blink of an eye I may look down to find my guts being ripped from my body by a phantom pirate with glowing eyes and maggots spilling from underneath torn cuffs, it was a fun time although I confess I missed the electronic screech and magikkk acid house delirium sonics I’ve always preferred of Genesis P-Orridge’s ever mutating musical Hydra and could have done with a lot less of the jam band stuff. Nonetheless the love is still there and for your listening pleasure is Psychic TV’s pretty awesome reinterpretation of The Beach Boy’s “Good Vibrations”. Enjoy!

Psychic TV – Good Vibrations