Devil’s remix pt1 – Planning to Rock & Darío Peña

The good people at Merok records and one of our favorite bands, Telepathe, were nice enough to ask 20jfg to curate some remixes of the Telepathe song, Devil’s Trident.Firstly we need to thank all the artists who responded, the results were amazing.A Vinyl 12″ of some of the remixes is available to order from Merok here. devilstrident12Secondly, we asked for readers to make videos of the remixes, and this week we are going to say a big thank you to all the video creators involved.So, without further ado 20jfg are proud to present :Darío PeñaDario is a filmmaker from Madrid in Spain (also home to one of the other directors we hope to show you this week).darioscreenshot2darioscreenshotWe asked Dario if he’d like to tell us about some local stuff you might be interested in, and he didn’t disappoint  :Hidrogenesse is the Spanish band I most like. I’m very happy I’ve done the video for two of their songs. Disfraz de tigre has been one of the songs last year in Spain, and I love Fuig llop fuig. Here in it’s bestiola version.Hidrogenesse – Fuig Llop FuigdariovideoDisfraz de tigre video.hidrogenesseFuig llop fuig video.Dario’s video is for the fantastic Planning To Rock remix of Devil’s Trident, and he describes the work in the following way :Tags: Atapuerca, tracksuits, bulky, air freshener, galaxy, green plastic bag, zombie, spell, bamboo, together.[vimeo][/vimeo]Some of 20jfg were left speechless in amazement, it gave me a smile on a rainy day. Please go and visit Darío Peña‘s website to watch more of his fantastic diverse work, and if your someone able to commission videos he’d like to work on, why not get in contact – we cannot recommend him highly enough.