Murdered Ballads Redux

Featuring : salem


With synthesized cacophony, thundering forwards, rolling over hills under a shadow of witch-hour darkness arriving in an impenetrable fog that usually brings with it a wave of unexplainable death and destruction, White Ring emerge from the ether with true dark hearted disco intent, like a sister of Salem who’s rocked back and forth for endless hours in a lightless room to the screech of Mika Miko in a cough syrup stupor, while from the outside her brother subjected and pounded the walls around her with ghostly crunk beats blasted out of a broken boom box that transforms any of it‘s emanations into something monstrous and disturbed. They dance on the bones of former Cash Money heroes, their corpses still adorned with precious bling, now covered in rotten excrement and dirt, worms weaving in between knuckleduster holes while ants march across diamond grillz stripped of all their flash, unaware of the evil their about to unleash around them.

White Ring- Suffocation

…and SALEM continue to astound us. With every new track that emerges from the clinically static white of the myspace page, we get closer to the centre of the forest that is the desolate grey heart of this band. There is so much emotion saturating each sound, even the brittle processed drum beats beat like the fevered heart of a murder victim in the last spasms of hope for rescue.

SALEM – haffa

20JFG does NYC again this Friday. Do.not.miss.