Devil’s remix pt3 – Diamond Vampires & Tommyboy

The third of our Telepathe – Devil’s Trident remix and video comes from the crafted hands of Diamond Vampires and Tommyboy.

We leave you in the capable hands of Tommyboy for the post today.

David Bowie and Amanda Lear

About Tommyboy :

I am the by-product of a Texas Republican, Evangelical, middle class upbringing. I escaped from this conservative, chaste, conformist culture by watching endless hours of television and film. Science Fiction became my genre of choice since it proposed endless possibilities for the future that didn’t revolve around Armageddon. I became enamored with retro-futuristic imagery found in late 70s and 80s television and film. Like the Challenger explosion, they left an indelible mark on my subconscious and imagination.

My visual aesthetic today has been informed through years of intensive research in film history coupled with the extensive use of mind altering drugs. I enjoy exploring visual metaphors which juxtapose supernatural phenomena with technology and science.

I am a firm believer of repurposing intellectual property with the creative use of sampling. I aspire to create video art that incorporates my sensibilities with the artistic integrity and ingenuity of such luminaries as E.B.N, Negativeland, Coldcut, and Nam June Paik.

tags : metaforms, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, transcendental cosmic disco, artificial intelligence, Hajime Sorayama, Boris Vallejo, Nam June Paik, Dan Flavin, “rock n’ roll people in a disco world” fluorescents, neon signs, culture jamming, hactivism, convergent technologies, nostalgic computer animation, Neuromancer’s, retro-futurists, -ism’s, electronic civil disobedience, erratic consistency, multimedia, power, relativity, video art, the idea of peace and positivity thru geometry/science, finding beauty in pure forms, celestial beings, higher consciousness, neo-digital hippy shit, the clock on the wall…


My other recent work includes video projections for the Butthole Surfers fall ’08 tour, the Maker Faire festival in Austin Texas, Show Cave’s “Summer Sizzlers” series, Dallas Museum of Art late night series, and multimedia performances with Operation Playmate.

I also DJ sets around town and contribute content to

I am presently working on a video for CFCF‘s new release on Acephale Records.

About Texas ?

I love Texas. Seems like every time I think the grass is greener elsewhere, I’m reminded how special this place really is. Please allow me to share these local, kindred spirits with you. If this doesn’t prove that we have what it takes, I don’t know what does.

Darktown Strutters
Jake Five
Prince William
Ben Aqua
Totally Wreck Institute

lastly, I would like to share the recent mix I made.


Tommyboy – Love Running Down

This mix is indicative of my current interests in dance music. I am very much into the baleric, italo, cosmic sound. My favorite artists at the moment have to be JAZ, Daniel Baldelli, Beppe Loda, DJ Harvey, Thomas’n’Eric aka Rub’n’Tug, and Lovefingers. I have a deep appreciation for the Netherland disco scene and all their exports. Love Viewlexx, Clone, Flexx, etc. You get the picture….

You can see further work/stalk Tommyboy on Youtube or his Blog.