Their flight just got delayed. Permanently

Featuring : Chris Carter

So, it’s finally happened, the forbidden celebrations carried out in the naked summit of a haunted hill worked their darken magic, and the cult of 20jazzfunkgreats managed to infiltrate the nightmares of the developers at awesome indie outfit Valve, so that, after firing up our synapses in teletransporting Rubik cube styles with Portal, they were finally led to the creation of a video game which is so about us and what we dig that we did spiritually wet the proverbial sofa upon first playing. We are talking about Left 4 Dead, that game where you make your way across a derelict wasteland inhabited by the infected.

Another zombie game the naysayers say, to which I reply, whatever, never have I been closer to feeling like one of the red-necks at the end of Night of the Living Dead, picking out blurry silhouettes with a sniper rifle in the misty distance, like one of the survivors, under siegue in a house waiting for rescue as the horde of the damned crashes through every window and door, full-auto shotgun does the job close quarters. Admittedly, this is a dirty thing, but hey, I spend 5 hours a day commuting into and around the big smoke, fucking reality TV kids, I’ve got the dread and the loathing festering deep inside me, and I have dodged the undead, my doctor tells me this kind of cathartic carnage is an excellent way of keeping focussed and well mannered when dealing with those who deserve it, so there.

You won’t know what I mean until you have played it, got to the last level, Harvest of Blood, and in the last stage, stood in your vantage point over a corn field listening, full of fear, to the shrieking of a hunter on the prowl. Fucking natter, put on your George A. Romero glasses to play this one.

Here you have some a couple of songs we would have included in the excellently understated soundtrack.


If you don’t have the last IGETRVNG 60 Minutes of Fear with JD Twitch’s post-punk edits hey, it’s about time you sorted it out as this will be some of your best-spent money this year. The absolutely lovely 10” includes an edit of The Mob’s Witch Hunt where Twitch goes all Mother Sky on our asses. Here you have the original, in all its about to burst on the seams mindblowing paranoid cold-war tension glory. Dedicated to all of you out there who have struggled trying to dodge off the way of a Witch crying in a corner of a god-forsaken blood-splattered farmhouse.

The Mob- Witch Hunt


As it is usually the case with these things, the real fear lies not in that avalanche of berserk and rotten wailing creatures approaching inevitable as you fumble with an M16 clip, but in those moments of spooky quiet when you walk across empty streets not that different from any urban landscape at 3.AM, very well aware of how just around the corner, or in a forsaken roof, there is a malign intelligence aware of your every move, ready to do something bad and horrible. Just like life on a Monday. It will be ok when the shit goes down, adrenalin kicks in and you look for a target. Until then, and in a most twisted way, enjoy cruel fingers of ice encroaching upon your spine not dissimilar from the synthetic spirals which Chris Carter summons in Clouds, because horror never got any more languorously beautiful.

Chris Carter- Clouds