Totally Upset Trip

Chris sent us a parcel, and we opened the parcel and in the parcel there was a shovel and with the shovel we made a hole and through the hole we found a passage and past the passage we found a world and in the world there was a party and in the party there was a DJ and in his records there was a hole and past the hole we got back to the place where we began, it was night and the stars were shining in the sky and our heads were full of sweet sounds, a red squirrel with lazer eyes stared at us curious, we felt happy and thanked the maker for record labels such as Upset the Rhythm.


Future Islands operate in those same uncharted waters where unsuspecting sonic adventurers have in the past beheld the funereal profile of John Maus’ colossal Flying Dutchman slicing past the thick mist creaking and ululating. A livelier tempo in this jaunt perhaps, but the same je ne sais quoi, a feverish deja vu of beautiful detritus floating in inky & turbulent waters after a musical shipwreck of damaged grandeur, synth drones which are the good cop in Suicide’s double act, and rotund epic torch-balladry which make us think of that legend Bruce via the rather missed melancholic post-punk of the Constantines. Plain nice, get Wave Like Home kids.

Future Islands- Beach Foam


Death Sentence: Panda! dwell in a mystery valley with paths tread by ceremonious foxes, a Kurosawa dream throwback or the most haunted scene ever to drop on the pixie dust sprinkled floor of Studio Ghibli’s editing cabin, lure you in the zone with the mystery chimes of a tribal stomp prelude to an onslaught of Crass style no wave terror with enough bass to make Drop the Lime go whoah, now you know what it feels like to be chased by the Chinese version of the Evil Dead, Oni styles and a flute & drums finale that get down prog like this was the 1974. Space flexes it disturbing muscles, you never knew you could go to so many places in such little time.

Death Sentence: Panda!- Hidden Track

You can find this sharp-toothed wonder hidden at the very end of Insects Awaken.