Brian’s Trip: Nite Crimes

Another postcard from Brian Miller at Deathbomb Arc HQ, another chance to rejoice. Pretty awesome.

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Some lovely sounds from Los Angeles this time, both of the ragamuffin sort and the prim and proper. Although both camps represent a distinctly working class, far beyond Hollywood, urban pop mentality.


The duo that suddenly demands love after years of screaming awkwardly in your face is Knight Rider. While these dudes usually don’t present an aesthetic so close to their namesake, this pimped out smoothin is still creepy enough with the falsetto vocals and “look at my sick flowing pants” faux harpsichord sounds. Perfect for scaring away blind dates or even worse? I did hear of these guys first through Erin Allen of Child Pornography.

Just saying. LA rulez.

Knight Rider – I Love You


On the other hand, if you grow up in Hawthorn (the extremely industrial city that the Beach Boys grew up in) it is nice to know that you can be a smooth operator as well. Although, in this case, it is much more of the cutesy kind. Since I love derogatory descriptions of music I love, this one by We are Dios is like Beach Boys meet Coldplay. So romantic, and without an ounce of irony. Just the type of ish that the ladies like, and apparently me as well. I’d let these dreamy sounds woo me any day.

We Are Dios- Epileptic Tunnel Visions


Doods aren’t the only ones stealing my heart these days though. The most played album around my house these days is Tammy by 0th. Ladies from San Francisco that do the seduction thing way more evolved and way more f’d up than the dudes. The Slits in a K hole? Metalux without all the weed? 70’s avant rock vibe with virtuoso bass, slow-tribe drums, and all the psychedelia to keep it in the brain stew we love.



Not all love is the tender kind though. There is a little American thing we cherish called “tough love” and no one dishes it out better than your own homophobic, black hearted daddy. Father’s Day from Phoenix are a hardcore band focused entirely on being bad dads that hate their wives and kids but for some reason sing their hearts out about it. Their first music video ends in an epic scary shot of front man and mastermind Ryan Avery (a west coast punk hero) letting you know with his eyes just how disappointed he is in you. Take that one to bed and cry on it. No supper.