Featuring : E-Dancer + Hounds of Hate


Kevin Saunderson is a flat out XXJFG hero. He was one of the holy trinity of awesome dudes that pioneered the Motor City techno sound we still fawn over so obsessively, and who as Inner City bestowed upon us all the God’s gift to any party that is Good Life, a tune that still makes our spines shudder with all manner of drunk emotion.

In a few months time KMS and Fabric records will be releasing History Elevate, a compilation of his remix work which collects not only a series of his own rejigs of other people’s work, but also lets a bunch of other dance types to have their way with Mr Saunderson’s intimidating back catalogue. This cut which comes to us courtesy of E-Dancer, one of his many alias, is a thing of slow motion astral beauty expanding like a skyline illuminated by twin suns edging closer and closer till they form an aerial Vesica piscis that brings tears to our jaded eyes.

E-Dancer – World of Deep


Prowling the desolate streets of a London town thrown into eternal night-time darkness like a diam ante panther with mirrorball eyes, with a lick of their ruby red lips the dry ice beat-smiths behind Hounds of Hate appear to effortlessly conjure up the kind of dead eyed and decadent vampiric disco that was made to be blasted through cold chromatic cityscapes where everyone is cruising someone, their eyes always on the prize. Much like the unnerving Chicago grooves of Azari & III and the Kate Bush trapped inside a Precinct 13 disco vortex vibes of Parallels, Hounds of Hate are making house music pumped up with a vital dose of poison that’s pretty hard to resist from where we’re swaying.

Hounds of Hate – I Like Triangles