Think Joy Division as remade by Chromatics – ah, but its so much more than that! Twisted Wires are a raging storm reflected in the retina of a solemn shoegazing guitarist, coiling a mournful down-tuned motif from his spidery guitar strings. In the 80s.

With The Horrors making like the spectral shadows cast by The Jesus & Mary Chain on new LP, “Primary Colours”, shoegaze is set to become the nu-rave of 2009 (please stop calling it nu-gaze though), and we are all for it, as we never stopped listening to “Psychocandy” and “Loveless” anyway, and, as any regular reader will know, we are all about thee darkside.

Eschewing the disco landscapes generally favoured by Italians Do It Better (even new 12″, “One Night at the Raw Deal”, is Johnny Jewel possessed by Jim Reid), Twisted Wires are a digital representation of the air surrounding The Cocteau Twins – all cobalt greys, bruised blues and slickly pitch blacks spiralling into a void of omniscient light where a wave of sweaty terror awaits you and a guitar is calling like a melted klaxon from the mountain top.

Twisted Wires – Oh Hell

“Oh Hell” (a working title) is a rolling juggernaut of wailing goth guitars, organic versions of Front 242’s punishing syndrums and Dave Gahan’s evil locked-up-in-solitary-confinement-for-20-years brother, pouring black bile vocals out from the speakers, which if your listening to this in the right physical space, are on fire in a post apocalyptic landscape where a dirty-faced child is watching and crying.

Death from Abroad bring the far-Eastern doom from Yura Yura Teikoku, a crack team of Japanese kraut-terrorists made up of hungry ghosts that channel the malevolently maniacal spirit of Damo Suzuki circa 1971. The “Dekinai” marbled/limited 12″ is available now, with full-length forthcoming. “Dekinai” is a stomping psychedelic jam from the racoon jamboree held in secret in the dark shadow of Mt. Fuji, but its “Sweet Surrender” that packs the meanest punch:

Yura Yura Teikoku – Sweet Surrender (Remix)

If “Paperhouse” was about a senseless slow-motion giallo kill-rampage it would have sounded like this – murky dirge bass and La Düsseldorf drums recorded in a shanty town with samurai spirit vocals whispering in and out of the miasma of narcotics smoke hanging in the studio.


Its the first of an ongoing series of mixtapes! Professor Genius delivers a super mellow and droney mix recorded live:

Professor Genius – 2OJFG Mixtape 2OO9


The Pipes of Pan
Yves + Alan Laurent: Arc en Ciel
Duermo: Canoas
Para One: Sunless
Professor Genius: Piramide
Terry Riley: M Music
Dave Ball: Sincerity
Professor Genius + Speculator: No Title One
Liaisons Dangereuses: Peu etre Pas
Rudy: Just Take My Body
Chris Craft: Discosmic Dancer
Squallor: I love My Disco Baby
Azoto: Exalt Exalt
Harlequins 4: Set It Off
Bim Marx: Don’t Fall
Sparque: Music Turns Me On
Professor Genius: Down There