Light and Magic

Featuring : Bottin + Sally Shapiro

Because the garish flame of anthemic 80s pop will keep burning strong as ever when the hipsters in the know move on to the new cool thing (or have they already, I don’t have a clue), let us celebrate but a couple of wiz kids of the brilliant new wave of nostalgia tinged synthetic revenge moves, avanti!


Having shaken the floor silly with blinding releases in Italians do it Better and Eskimo, Bottin comes back with the 12 sampler of a horror themed album for Bear Funk, this is not very scary, but then what is Phenomena about, a girl who talks with insects teaming up with Donald Pleasance to chase a defomed midget which is eventually hacked to death by a vengeful monkey? Cue Iron Maiden to soundtrack a funeral? Not an ounce of irony on sight? Dario Argento must have some weird dreams indeed, and we love him for that. Horror Disco album succeeds in the same way, as an epic 80s synth bubblegum disco extravaganza for the freaks to swing, gnarly butcher knives swinging in the air as the tomato sauce splatters all over the glitterball, best party you ever attended, standard.

Bottin- Disco for the Devil


Sally Shapiro’s music is a shy supernova of pure and ethereal light which doesn’t blind but glows there in front of you like the pages of the Neverending Story upon first being opened, it doesn’t expand to engulf you but draws you inside a luminous scene of 80s stylish cinematography and pastel warmth, constellations of silver stars which are smooth pearls which are perfect teeth of a smile forming as eyes follow breathless the spiral of scribblings of a scented love letter, in her new single ‘Miracle‘ she mesmerises you into a state of delighted trance with wave after wave of emotions turned into perfect pop music, ravishing strings bringing it to a conclusion which deserves crimson curtains and a subdued tear.

Sally Shapiro-Miracle