Gavin Russom – 20JFG mix June 2009

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And just so you can begin your week in a most psyched way, here you have an astonishing collection put together for us by that dark master of the synthetic drone, Gavin Russom. Watch him stepping for a moment from the dark belly of the machine to present us with a lovely collection of spiritual utterances, reverberating spells  & radiant esoterica. Enjoy!

Gavin Russom- 20JFG mix


1.   Shaker Traditional Hymn-I Will Fight and Never Slack
2.   Trio Bulgarka-Slunste Zaide (At Sunset) –
3.   Haitian Ceremonial Music-Rhythme Rassemblement
4.  West Indies Spiritual Baptist Traditional Song
5.   Meredith Monk – Selection From Vessel: an Opera Epic
6.   Karcharpaya Kantu – Andean Ritual Music
7.   Guajira Ven – No1 De No1
8.   PCP – Jane and Jeff Hudson
9.   His Name is Alive-Hope
10. Kate Bush-How to be Invisible
11. Abdourahman Surizehi-Allahu –
12. The Mahavishnu Orchestra-You Know, You Know