Step by Step


Bands bereft of ambition, watch how Mi Ami continue taking it to the next level, and repent of your sinful ways. When you start down the path of creation, you shouldn’t dare settling for less, least the furious Gods decide to reincarnate you into a wingless insect in a garden full of hungry birds the next time you’re around. In their Towers Fall 12 in Hoss Records they homestead misty lands where the boundaries between dub techno ruminations, kosmische astrology, Ike Yard post punk blitzkrieg and acid house voodoo blur and meld into a lumbering colossus of flaming eyes and an attitude to boot. Whole landscapes are reshaped with the pulse of a rumbling bassline, rivers steered off their course following the mesmerising radiations of a synthetic piper, forests grow in the flicker of an eye to accommodate a tribe of little humans worshipping at the feet of a menacing totem, these are the heart-rending images that their primeval music summons, like sitting in the shoulder of God while he plays Populous in HD 3D total surround soundsystem styles. Now this is shock and awe, in slow motion.

Mi Ami- Towers Fall


Harder, Faster, Faster, Stronger, Foot Village’s fierce drums continue accelerating like an unhinged virus which at some point in the near-future shall evolve into spiky teethed creatures of the sea destined to crawl into our shores and grow bristling fur and vicious claws and climb up the trees and borrow under the land and dwell in thick shrubbery and search throughout the infrarred spectrum for enemies, incumbents from an old era that foolishly believe this is still their time. Naw, they are over, the future is a new country- they will find out soon enough when, upon stepping down an unfamiliar path, they feel a slight vibration in the air, subtle movements in the edge of their vision, the initial spin of a vortex which is the beginning of a charge which is this noise you hear. Foot Village shall be unleashing Anti Magic in Upset the Rhythm very soon. You will know them by the trail of grimacing skeletons, missing tibia and femur to replace broken drumsticks another example of their furious efficiency.

Foot Village- Reggae War Zone