5am summer

photo by Tasha Lutek

photo by Tasha Lutek

Two sets of Warriors face off in the distance while you sit back on a dune, the birth of piano-house echoing around in your head.  The sun coming up behind the skeleton of an abandoned pier, casting light over the wet sand.  Surrounded by a few of the good people.  Someone tends to the fire you made hours ago.

The long tail of narcotic bliss causing the grains of sand to cast out an invisible web of arpeggiated delights up to the red outlines of the clouds above.  Gently throbbing, their intensity washing in and out with the tide and your fluctuating heartbeat.  The universal 808 gazing down on the scene, making the dawn-flecked clouds dance.

Someone tends to a battered Seiko stereo you found washed up on the shore.  The ghosts of the night before stalk around, serenading you from the shadows still cast by the fading fire.  The world gets harsher as the warm light of dawn turns to the cold hues of morning.  But the serenade sees you through.  A haunted fairground of reverb drenched guitar holding you tight.


Metronomy – Not Made For Love (Joakim remix)*

Joakim can’t help himself.  Not content with a glorious album, a pummelling EP and the most energetic bassist I’ve ever seen: he turns in this beautiful slice of South London soul (via Chicago) for Metronomy.

Free and easy with the tempo the arrival of a herald of snares sees the track fall from the guilty pleasures of an orbiting superclub’s balcony into the enveloping jungle below.  It’s far more interesting down there anyway.  Piano stabs for trees, tiny arpeggiators crawling over exposed skin, the wind blowing through the canopy sounding for all the world like a distant, pitch shifted vocal.  Heartbreak house for delicate insurrection on interplanetary dancefloors.


Wavves – To The Dregs (version 2)

To The Dregs (version 2) is the flip to what I can only imagine is filed away as version 1 on Wavves‘ recent 7″ on the ace Post Present Medium.  Stretched out from the original’s two minutes to a relatively epic 3:48 the reworked version takes Wavves’ punk recorded from down the hall and recasts it as punk recorded from beyond the grave.  The reverb remains but without the no-budget wall of sound it becomes a haunted desert rather than a fire hazard house party.  Not better, not different, just deathly.

Here’s a bonus video shot at Sex Is Disgusting‘s Wavves show back in March.  Good times.


*note: this is unmastered.


Tonight in collaboration with True Panther, XXJFG is throwing a night of cave crunk, afrikan tekno noise, psychodisco grooves and 90s drumtraxxx in Brooklyn at Monster Island Basement. In amidst the shunting and the partying Tan Lines, Sewn Leather, Teengirl Fantasy, MNDR and Angels in America will all be playing live, so obviously this is going to immense! Hope to see you there.