Class of 82


(Image by Tommy Boy)

Hex is the title track in a Gatto Fritto 12 released last year. I can’t believe more people have picked up on it, there are even some left in Juno. So, I’d advise all of you principled kids out there who like to put your money where your mouth is to run & grab a copy, because you are unlikely to find a sweeter cut of disco classicism this side of early evening at the Loft circa 1978 (although Arcade Lover, Watussi & The Off Key Hat might beg to differ). It all kicks off like one of those lethal weapons hidden in Mike Simonetti’s secret stash, stiletto strutting and dazzling mascara sliding into the psychedelic halo of synthesiser radiance which characterises Gatto Fritto’s music. And then, circa 4.30 comes the balearic opium drop, you have found the light and you will never go back home. Absolutely majestic.

Gatto Fritto- Hex


Another evening at home as the sun sets drawing the subtlest of gradients over the ample skies of Brightonia, another occasion to revel on the sweetness of our most adored disco princess Sally Shapiro, and the genius of Johan Agebjorn and . She has another album out, by the name of ‘My Guilty Pleasures’ on Permanent Vacation, and it is everything you would hope for: disco music to fly kites, draw shapes in the snow and play air keytar to, in front of the mirror watching the sweet reflection of a John Hughes flick , this could have been Giorgio Moroder’s imaginary sunday morning project, a nimble kitten to his fierce nocturnal panthers. Moonlight Dance shifts the tempo a bit, all 80s night dubbin’ and streetwise boogie synthesisers, drawing us into the floor for a few minutes of nerdy dancing, after which we step back into the shadows, shy as ever but happier than usual.

Sally Shapiro- Monlight Shadow