Diamond Jags


In it’s original incarnation “Die Slow” is an epic blast of serrated tekno shards that rip through neo industrial noise light fields with maximum metallic grind. A truly take no prisoners proposition. In the silvery hands of those awesome New Jersey italo exorcists, Pink Stallone, what was once blunt and brutal, a futuristic monolith coated in glittering grime is now transformed and remoulded into a golden Moroderesque orb floating through elysian pastures haunted by the  elegiac androgynous tones of Jake Duzsik echoing from high above pastel cumulonibus clouds that burst with tearjerking balearic bliss-disco droplets.

HEALTH – Die Slow (Pink Stallone Remix)


For those of you who happen to dwell in New York City, HEALTH will be playing a show at the Bowery Ballroom with the mindmelting support of Pictureplane and Tanlines. Needless to say this particular XXJFG brother will be in attendance waiting for his eardrums to be ritually shredded in the best possible way.


Still stuck in NYC, XXJFG has teamed up with our eternal mancrush over at True Panther (FYI – pick up the kila new Girl’s album which came out yesterday) to bring you Society which commences next Tuesday at Arrow Bar in Manhattan. DJ Kingdom, the ddarkk bass lord and overall walking, robo-diva fever dream will be DJing a slot which will undoubtedly inspire some broken bones. We also have Brooklyn based 2-piece Blondes playing live, the idea of which has me foaming at the mouth, such is the tru magik of their music. Don’t believe me? Then drown yourself in the majesty of “Moondance”, a mindblowing experience which is akin to sitting solitarily atop a giant hill that overlooks a neon splashed future metropolis immersed in otherwordly baby blue mists, and watching as those holographic skyscraping structures crumble into undulating waves of pixeldust before your very eyes.

Blondes – Moondance




Finally we’re more than a little bit psyched to present to you this epic new mix that was put together especially for yours truly by those modern day purveyors of sublime Kevin Saunderson style ghost-rave and the creators of one of this year’s stone cold future classics, Azari & III. It’s a kaleidoscopic acid fantasia. N-Joy.

Azari & III – XXJFG Mix