Drums of Earth

Featuring : hind ear + ooioo

Sorry for my absence from this webzine the last couple of weeks. I’ve been off shooting the video for this, more on that 20JFG-related endeavour in a few weeks.


First up we have the rhythmic return of OOIOO. UDA HAH (all caps, or course) comes on like a wailing Liquid Liquid jam over some forgotten lounge a cappella before devolving into a energetic game of guitar Pong, riffs bouncing back and forth over a post-hardcore digital landscape. That is, before the drums arrive, surrounding that guitar riff and pounding it into submission from the left and right – it screams for mercy – and we begin again. The whole thing like a primitive prayer to a Sumerian drum god, thrown through time and concentrated in a concise blast of sonic joy.

OOIOO – UDA HAH (removed on request)

UDA HAH is taken from OOIOO’s forthcoming LP ARMONICO HEWA. Unless you’re in Japan of course, then it’s not forthcoming, you can get it right now from here.


Hind Ear arise from the ashes of the copyright baiting Revenge of Shinobi with the second song this year called Coconut to beguile with it’s pounding ghostly charm.

Rising from the debris of distorted guitars and ritualised harmonies this Coconut is quickly strapped to the vicious wheel of a pounding drum machine, it’s pastoral beauty barely allowed to peak above the surface before being smacked into something altogether more muscular. Tendons flexed it strides over a ravaged countryside away from the dawn. Halfway there, it turns to glimpse the sun rise behind it before pressing on, bouncing over fields, its giant form casting shadows of cyclopean beauty before it.

3:31 makes me smile every single time, which is surely as good a reason for posting a song as anything.

Hind Ear – Coconut

Hind Ear can be seen at The Freebutt in Brighton on Saturday supporting Au. More info at their MySpace.