If it wasn’t for hope…


What do you do when the war finishes? You put on your old raincoat and clean the smudges of your face with saliva, you walk under the rain to the pock-marked station and reach the end of the platform, a flimsy pier stretching over an ocean of grey. You drag your luggage into the belly of the black and damaged colossus which awaits there fuming, sit in a chair of cracked leather that smells of damp and a thousand roll-ups, and stare from the yellowed window as the wheels of the machine wheeze into their cycle, and you begin your slow advance through a landscape of metal and concrete, a ramshackle world which always seems in the verge of falling apart, dirty laundry hanging over ashen back-gardens, abandoned toys, fading glimpse of a face in deep concentration framed by the golden glow of a window past which you roll on your way to a distant home where a fearful rendezvous, hopefully a cup of tea, warmth, sleep, await.

It sounds a little bit like this

Gareth Williams and Mary Currie- The Best Weapon

The Beast Weapon is included in ‘Flaming Tunes’, the album that the late Gareth Williams made with Mary Currie after leaving This Heat. It was never quite released, a situation that Life and Living records have thankfully addressed. You should undoubtedly grab yourself a copy, because it is full of achingly fragile gems of haunted chamber pop music, of the same ilk as Young Marble Giants. Very beautiful.


I stumbled upon Pumajaw (mysp) after one of those serendipitous strolls down electronic avenues, and what a lucky coincidence this was. Strange too, because I would rather have expected to find a thing such as this roaming free through the darkest recess of the powerful woods, or at the summit of a craggy Scottish mountain, the abandoned throne of an old giant king. Jacky Daw gives us goosebumps: A fateful krautrock riddim over which Pinkie McClure voice soars like a white tailed eagle, the sun surely trapped in its claws. Imagine if Can had produced the soundtrack for the Wicker Man, imagine. Yes, that’s good.

Pumajaw-Jacky Daw

You can grab a retrospective of Jacky Daw’s music via Fire Records.