Exciting times lie ahead for members of this fair MP3-zine. Along with our cohorts in 13monsters we’re on the verge of launching our new record label: Hungry For Power.

Our first release comes straight from the howling shores of Brighton beach where remorseless waves of guitars crash ceaselessly against the yelping pebbles. We first saw Cold Pumas support Ponytail in March (the 6th gig they ever played) and were smitten. Their support slot with Mi Ami (their 8th gig) saw consensus reached and plans made. And so here we are, with artwork by the esteemed Mr James Hines and remixes by d├ębutante Murlo and 20JFG fave Brassica.


Jela opens the 12″ with it’s velvet gloved metronomic beat hurtling along hand in hand with a delirious wail of guitars. Vocals appear all around, loud but indistinct, like a hazy blood ritual seen through the drugged eyes of it’s victim. Then it shifts again. Anchored by the eternal kickdrum, we’re off to Suicide out of control at 45rpm supporting Glen Branca as the drum flings us aside once more until we ascend and allow the whole thing to come to a cacophonous close. This is ‘the hit’.

Jela has been blogged many times before (because it’s great!) including here, here and here but I think in this case we’ll make an exception to the usual policy of ‘first’ and post it again…

Cold Pumas – Jela


Brassica’s remix closes the 12″ with a giallo synth flourish. Taking on the other Cold Puma track on the A-side, A Tempting Haunt, Brassica bends the track’s sad refrain into a John Carpenter fever dream. A theme tune to dimensional rips and nameless horrors witnessed by muscular existential heroes contemplating the end of empire. Italo left to grow feral in the abandoned discotheques of an eastern European industrial quarter. Ghostly warnings lost in static.

Cold Pumas – A Tempting Haunt (Brassica remix)

The Cold Pumas 12″ will be available at select UK record stores from Monday (5/9/09) as well as from the Hungry For Power webstore.

As a bonus we’ve discounted the pre-order until Sunday at midnight (4/9/09). We’ll also be shipping internationally from the webstore so that should just about cover everyone.