God’s Payback

You might have noticed that in the past weeks we have posted tunes only for streaming. This is the case today, but no more. We have decided that our policy from now on will be to post songs only as mp3  for download. Although we understand labels preferring to have tunes only for streaming, we feel that this is unfair to those other kind people who allow us to put their mp3s up. Since we’d rather not turn into a streaming-only place, we have decided to buck that trend, and continue in our tradition of making mp3s available for peeps to listen to wherever we want, as we have done for the last 5 years.



Navigating the inter-molecular spaces where incomprehensible forces bind matter together can fuck you up big time.

It can turn you into an indifferent ubermensch who knowing everything cares for nothing.

Or maybe you will find it meaningful to help deliver the blind watchmaker’s master-plan by accelerating up the universe’s entropic return to the primordial darkness whence it came. In this case, you won’t waste your time building crystal palaces of fragile beauty hovering over red Martian wastelands. You will instead raise your hand like a subatomic necromancer to rearrange ferrous materials, humble grains of sand and unstable elements into a lumbering colossus which snarls and hisses like an Aztec Feathered Serpent, and bristles with the destructive power of a Pulsar.

Mr. Lee sounds like your taking this thing for its first ride, and a little bit of target practice. Radical rearrangement of alien landscapes under a black sky where even the constellations cower. Play it LOUD.

John Fell Ryan as SETH- Mr. Lee

John Fell Ryan rocks the free world in Excepter, also as SETH.


So what do you expect the true Master of All Things Dark and Epic, Steve Moore, to do with ΤΗΞ LΔΖΣ’s unbridled prog odyssey Glassdust?

Turn it into the unlikely theme tune for a Lovecraft-exploitation flick?

Hell yes.

Everything falls into place- slow mo footage captured after the apocalypse. Flowers of impossible colours blossoming through cracks in the grey concrete crushed under the feet of a group of survivors as they scavenge for food and ammunition, a decomposed society is unable to sustain the division of labour which would allow our heroes some grooming, hence the Bubblegum metal hair-styles, befitting a breath-taking arpeggiated guitar solo which soundtracks perilous climbing up the ruins of collapsed skyscrapers piled on top of each other like victims of an architectural genocide, eventual climax reached with arrival to an unsteady summit from which the extent of the devastation can finally be grasped. Imagine the sky, and listen to it.

ΤΗΞ LΔΖΣ – Glassdust (Steve Moore Remix)

(Only stream, soz- This remix will be out in a vinyl/download EP later on in the year)

ΤΗΞ LΔΖΣ will be touring the UK very shortly, dates below. Get Down.

6-London* (w/ Honey Ride Me A Goat – Upset The Rhythm @ Barden’s Boudoir)
7-Leeds* (+ That Fucking Tank + Cowtown @ Brudenell)
8-Dublin (@ The Lower Deck)
9-Cork (@ The Quad)



Today we’re more than a little psyched to have the honour of premiering the phantasmagorical new video for our favourite midwestern maniacs Gatekeeper who will be releasing their Optimus Maximus EP on October 26th, courtesy of newly conjured graveyard disco label Fright, the brainchild of Kompakt’s Jon Berry and Michael Mayer which promises to be dedicated to creeping us all out with a black stream of Carpenter cathedral synth epics and Hades hi-nrg, and which should positively rule the (nether)world. The mindmelting visual sorcery was created by our hero and friend Tommy Boy, who never ceases to amaze us. Get ready to drool.

Gatekeeper “Optimus Maximus” from Fright on Vimeo.