Raw Patrol


One of your 20jazzfunkgreats scribes is rocking those motherfucking epistemological styles, you know how it goes. Paul Feyerabend, dark polemic master of methodological anarchism blows some minds in Against Method: the real scientist improves the theory of Genesis until it challenges evolution.

Behold Foot Village doing that with dance music- first we had African drums. Then we had the Butthole Surfers. Then we had the Boredoms Mk. 1. Then we had the Boredoms Mk. 2. Now we have our favourite Angelinos railing the as yet unnamed inhabitants of the Garden of Eden into the vortex beyond, start a drum party over the Goddess’ taut bosom so that the Universe can get restarted.

Can’t wait to see them live when they come around Europe in their next tour, everything’s going to shake.

Foot Village- Anti-Magic

Just check out the video. And get the record here.



Teeth of the Sea are the star-destroying psychedelic combo featuring our comrade and keeper of the wisdom of the Old Gods Matt Colegate, watch them live storming the gates at the edge of time and you will know what we are talking about. Inside the Space Capsule is to be included in the forthcoming 12’’ ‘Hypnoticon Viva’, due out in January, and yes, it is a cover version from the Flash Gordon soundtrack.

Set up precariously over a mound of skulls, our heroes direct with power magick arrangements the gentle manoeuvres of squadrons of hawk men as they prepare to join battle with the hordes of Ming the Merciless, what they lack in hawk wings they make up for with Hawkwind, martial drums and lush synths which unfold like a cat’s cradle of gamma rays inside the powerful hands of a ghost titan, spirit of defeat snatched from the Jaws of Victory, you know it’s more epic that way.

Teeth of the Sea- Inside the Time Capsule (Love Theme)

Teeth of the Sea have a bit of a tour going on in November with Thoughtforms (Invada records) and Gnod. The dates are 20th Cable st. studios Limehouse London, 21st Louisianas Bristol and 22nd Islington Mill Salford.