The Arpegiator Exhibition


Time For Dreams hail from Melbourne but apparently this track was mostly recorded on a plane (to Basel).  Which if they hadn’t told me, I’d have probably made up.

Cooing Sally Shapero-isms echo round the midnight synths.  The very early hints of destruction evident in the distortion on the first chorus.  A soft analogue fog obscures the expected, violent denouement.  An ending heralded by a bubblegum break straight out of the Glass Candy school of soundtracks to open roads and dead of night journeys to after hours clubs.  Breathlessly becomes a slowly disintegrating vehicle as its destination approaches, coasting to a stop as fire consumes the car.  The screaming twisting of metal under the intense heat daring Fuck Buttons‘ tortured electronics to join it.

Time For Dreams – Breathlessly


In terms of starting well you probably can’t beat a pre-credits lion roar and lasers.

Oneohtix Point Never has already neatly placed the Zones Without People LP within his discography and is preparing to release TWO LPs in November.  Which includes Rifts, a double CD collecting the three albums in the ‘Rifts Trilogy’ (which included the Zones Without People LP).  Got that?  This is the title track from Zones Without People and is very much worth holding tight in the maelstrom of Daniel Lopatin’s creativity.

Arpeggiated synths, unencumbered by the local gravity of a rhythm section, allowed to float free in space, brushed by ancient solar flares reduced to whispers.  Their luminous golden shapes twisting into endless spires in front of an infinite starfield.  All this, seen from the lonely, brutalist balcony of pyramidal structure on a distant plain.

Oneohtrix Point Never – Zones Without People

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