Basement Suns

Featuring : Azari & III + Pink Skull


Anthemic cosmic synth French androids Space are getting re-released and redone in a 12’’ released by Nang. The choice of the bunch is, in our honest opinion, the remix delivered by master of mist and fuzz Time and Space Machine, who transforms the original into one of the nicest homages that Cerrone ever received, full bodied percussive psychedelic disco that will make you feel like you were flying across Gandaharian alienscapes on the back of a majestic red dragon dodging sensory rays straight from the pheromone secreting glands of the deranged masterbrain. Lush.

Space- Carry on, Turn me On (The Time and Space Machine Remix)


I’m a Cliche are in top form, and Azari & III are the best thing that happened to the dancefloor since Vitalic (OK Cowboy) grafted some experimental pop spikes into the back of the euro techno beast.

After the uplifting primeval acid styles of Hungry for the Power and Reckless for your Love, She’s an Illusion keeps it pumping muscular, but from a different angle- Paranoid eurobassline, killer synth refrain and enough weird sounds to keep those who miss the electronic body antics of Smith and Hack going for a couple of months, imagine Giorgio Moroder’s pink Alfa Romeo being crushed by the jaws of an industrial grinder, crumpled metal box salvaged for sharp blades and blunt truncheons by a tribe of new romantic amazons who dwell in the red corners of the sleazedisco. Let the hunt begin.

Azari & III- She’s an Illusion

Find it included in the Hungry for the Power EP. We’ve got more I’m a Cliche stuff coming up shortly, keep your ears peeled.


And just because we are in an exalted mood, here you have the most excellent ‘Oh Monorail!’ from Pink Skull’s new album in 20JFG fave and oldest friends NYC label IGETRVNG, Endless Bummer. This is a Tigersushi style adventure, don’t get coherence get in the way of taste and feeling- some times it’s just beautiful pop peppered with esoteric references the music places you in a zone strange enough to get, and dance to as well, some others it sounds like Aphrodite’s Child following on the steps of Klaus Kinski down wild Bolivian rainforests. There’s more, and it’s always great.

Oh Monorail is more of the former, a lovely nugget of rumbling stargaze purple disco which is up there with DFA’s finest in what refers to modern updates of awesome glam music. You won’t be able to get it out of your head.

Pink Skull- Oh Monorail